Pollen from Hibiscus flower

Pollen grains from an unknown Hibiscus sp. The grains were collected by gently dabbing a tape slide against the anthers. Also included are some photos of the flower and plant the pollen was collected from.

Reaction of vinegar and baking soda [video]

Low mag Some baking soda was placed on a glass slide and covered with a cover glass, then a dropper was used to place some vinegar on the slide. The vinegar was sucked under the cover glass by capillary action and reacted with the backing soda.

Puzzle of “no mess” sand

Recently, killing some time at the airport – I went into a Brookestone store. The only thing that excites me at the store was the pile of “sand”. Now, firstly – somebody has figured out how to sell sand for $20-30 bucks. That is genius. But once I insisted, the store manager let me play…