Tarragon Spice (Bio60_2018)

Adding to my collection of spices, I decided to write a post about Tarragon which is a rather unnoticed, unknown, but distinct spice. My last post focused on using a dry mount for a dried product, however,  tarragon was flat enough to be used with a wet mount to produce rather satisfying results.   Since…

Looking closer to a leaf

              plant cuticles are protective, hydrophobic, waxy coverings produced by the epidermal cells of leaves, young shoots and all other aerial plant organs. Cuticles minimize water loss and effectively reduce pathogen entry due to their waxy secretion.  

Elodea cells in science class

Students enjoyed preparing elodea leaves on foldscope slides and examining the structure of the plant cells microscopically.

Cells of a “schefflera” leaf – first foldscope use

                  Because of the pretty shitty weather I made my first attempt with the foldscope with an indoor plant. And I have to say that I’m very impressed! Amazing what this small paper thingy is capable of 🙂   First I tried it just with sunlight and…


Hello everyone, I am super excited and grateful for having  received some Foldscopes today! After constructing one, I eagerly zoomed into the microcosm of plants. The above picture was a sample of a leaf from a manzanita (Genus Arctostaphylos). What are the darker pigmented spots? I thought they were the organelles, possibly the chloroplasts.  …