Human Hair

It’s me Paakhi, Here is my observation through foldscope. This is how I observed the Human Hair Structure. Do try this!!

Ectoparasites on Rodents – Rats.

A Rat in a trap. It is euthanized as per AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals Name(required) Email(required) Website Message Submit The Rat is laid on a table for basic identification and measurements. The ears are being examined for Ectoparasites The collected ectoparasites are being put in 70% Alcohol for short-term preservation. More collections...


Eyelashes protect the eye from debris. It perform some of the same functions as whiskers do on a cat or a mouse, that is they are sensitive to being touched, thus providing a warning that an object is near the eye (which then closes reflexively).

Compound Eye of a Moth

Moths (like many other adult insects) have compound eyes and simple eyes. The Compound eyes are made up of many hexagonal lens/corneas which focus light from each part of the insects field of view onto a rhabdome (the equivalent of our retina). They have simple eyes (ocelli) which can only differentiate dark from light.

Foldscope Day 5: A Water Flea from Hauz Khas, Delhi

After many attempts at imaging life in pond water, I finally chanced upon a tiny swimming creature. Thanks for all your helpful tips, which really came in handy. Here’s a video of what I saw: I was super excited to see this (you can probably hear that in my voice). I posted a quick video on twitter and…

Foldscoping in South India

My journey into the microscopic world began in Chennai some three decades or more ago with a simple bulb microscope (40x). So it was no wonder that I was really excited to revisit my childhood with a foldscope. Chennai is a bustling metropolis in the South-east  of India. Being along the Bay of Bengal, it…

Foldscope in use in Tribal regions in India 

This is a quick note I received from Mr Prem Sewak Sudhish ( who visited my lab several months ago. Prem works on a number of issues including information technology usage in rural areas; and is affiliated with the Dayalbagh University ( As part of university education; emphasis is placed on service as well.  The…