Leaf galls on Alstonia tree under a foldscope

Chandigarh is a well-planned city and known for its green landscaping. Several avenue trees can be seen along the roadsides, nature parks and green belts. Alstonia scholaris, commonly known as blackboard tree of the family Apocyanaceae is one of the trees lining the city roads. Since last few years, these trees have lost their beauty…

this is a zooplankton in which this sample was taken from Tamdil lake,Aizawl,Mizoramthis is a copepod (zooplankton) ,copepod have one or two extension(antenna) and this make them differentiable from other zooplanktons....

Histopathological studies of Rot disease in red bell peppers

Grey to black moldy growth was seen in red bell peppers obtained from market. Histo-pathological studies performed using a foldscope revealed : Profusely branched, septate mycelium Several pale-brown conidia observed on the tips of conidiophores Each conidium was multicellular and elliptical in shape On consulting the literature, the fungus was found to be Alternaria solani…

Foldscope as a teaching and learning aid @ GGDSD, Chandigarh

After Foldscope awareness workshops, now the students @GGDSD, Chandigarh are using Foldscope in their routine practicals.  One such practical on anatomical study on Coralloid root of Cycas was performed by students using Foldscope. Cycas is a common ornamental Gymnosperm of great importance. It forms normal geotropic roots as well as symbiotic, apo-geotropic coralloid roots. Students…

Cells in onion peel

Onion peel cells are seen with an opaque nucleus, cell walls are seen, prepared by VIII class students  – Swathi – Mulugu.

Permanent slide of Skeletal Cells

The different parts of the Foldscope was put together to have the final assembly at the Foldscope workshop at TSWREIS Gowliddodi on 11th August,18.

ICAR-National Research Center for Grapes, Manjri, Pune is engaged in developing appropriate and economically viable agro techniques for quality grape production and to sustain the productivity and quality through management of biotic and abiotic stresses.  During our visit to the institute on 25th July 2018 we had the opportunity to see their field station.  Grape leaf…

Foldscope Orientation Workshop – D.G. Ruparel College, Mumbai

Foldscope Orientation Workshop was conducted on 8 August 2018 for Second year B.Sc. Zoology students in D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai.  There was an introductory lecture followed by observation of pre-prepares slides. The participants were very excited and enthusiastic to know about and to use the foldscopes. Thanks to DBT their initiative and support.  


Gemmule of a fresh water sponge is the asexual reproductive body. It develops only in unfavorable conditions and forms the supporting  skeleton in sponges.

PAP Smear

Pap smear of the slides shows the abundance of a normal shaded squamous epithelial cell with pleomorphism with abundant of a mononuclear cell, no malignancy rejected as seen under Foldscope from R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain