Desi Badam pollen

Here’s a Badam tree (Terminalia catappa) flowering : When I was trying to get pollen I found this well camouflaged spider hanging around: Not sure if it’s a pollinator or it’s lurking around for pollinators…… Even after avoiding our spider friend, plucking flowers and squashing anthers did not work very well — the pollen was…

More Measurements

So here are more trials with measurements on the Foldscope. As pointed out by @laksiyer, there was a discrepancy in my estimated pollen size and the size he estimated in a previous post: Pollen Hunters project-II : Pollen roster Theres also a very recent informative (and beautiful) post on pollen size diversity by @kaushalsood: Viewing…

Measuring pollen

Here’s a common shrub in Chennai: I think there is also a variant with bright yellow flowers. I don’t know the species name, but I’ve posted it on India Biodiversity Portal to see if anyone there can ID it. Heres its pretty flower: There’s a lot of easy to see pollen on the anthers —…

Zebrafish Embryo

Trying to observe the embryonic development of Zebrafish. WOW! Need to standardize the method to keep them alive in the medium to observe using foldscope


A foraminiferan captured through the Foldscope. Sand sample from Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India

Mosquito Gut

Aedes aegypti belonging to the family Culicidae, a significant vector of dengue fever in South-East Asia, Africa, and in America, is of prime concern because of its global distribution range and disease transmission capability [ Specimen obtained From Communicable Disease Research Laboratory]

Foldscope workshop for IISc research scholars

Ariviyal-Solai Innovation Centre founder karthik conduct a workshop for Indian institute of science Bangalore research scholars on 3rd May 2018. Students are actively participate in this workshop. They show interest to be a part of (crew members) AIC  and ready to support our low cost paper microscope to spread across the country. We also discussed…

Wings of Trichogramma chilonis, an important biocontrol agent

Trichogramma chilonis is one of the most widely used biocontrol agents in India. This minute parasitoid is capable of parasitising the eggs of a number of lepidopteran pests on a variety of agricultural crops. [Specimen obtained from Omprakash Navik]  

Tiny wonders in pond water @ DBT-Foldscope Workshop, India

This is the 1st time that I use my foldscope @ ICGEB workshop, India and the experience was just amazing. After waiting for 4 mins of plain silence finally got a glimpse of something mindblowing…so sharing that 1 special min was a must. Only wish I could identify what exactly it was! This is just…

Sea urchin spike

Found this sad sea urchin washed up on the beach last week: Here is one of its scary looking spikes: Was hard to see anything with the usual Foldscope set up. So after digging around a bit on the Microcosmos site, I found this post: A simple hack for reflection/epi-illumination using the foldscope Using a…

Seethaphazam pollen

Seethaphazam or Custard apple (Annona squamosa) trees have just started flowering: Heres the inside of the flower: Heres its stamen: I think thats dry pollen coming off it. After about an hour in glycerol, here’s some pollen dyads: (One dyad possibly has a pollen tube?) Pollen was also seen as tetrads:

Experience with Foldscope

It was wonderful to directly observe the microscopic organisms live using foldscope coupled with cellphone camera. It was my first experience at ICGEB. I thank DBT organizers for giving me the opportunity to work with Foldscope.