Foldscope Workshop

Foldscope orientation workshop was conducted in Purushottam High School, Bandra by the Foldscope Team of D.G. Ruparel College, Mumbai on 15 July 2019. The students were introduced to Foldscope and then they observed pre-prepared slides of stomata, onion peel, fungus, wing of butterfly, pollen, etc. The students were very enthusiastic and drew their observations quickly.

Is it Rotifers ???

DBT twinning programme on Foldscope project with North Eastern Institute

DBT Foldscope scheme- “Foldscope for diagnosis of rumen acidosis and parasitic infections in cattle” DBT Twinning programme on foldscope project with north eastern institute Foldscope project functioning at the Department of Animal biotechnology has been twinned with Department of Biotechnology, Donbosco college, Maram, Manipur. Mr. S. Rajkumar, Head of the Department, Department of Biotechnology, Donbosco…