Trichogramma japonicum under the Foldscope

Trichogramma japonicum is the best biological control agent for the rice stem borer, which causes enormous yield losses year after year in India and several rice-growing countries in Asia. This minute parasitoid impedes the life cycle of the stem borer by attacking the latter’s eggs in the field. [Insects supplied by Dr Y. Lalitha]

Immunology Class Activity

After attending workshops on foldscopy, students have started enjoying using foldscope as a tool for their routine microbiological work. A class activity was organized to observe histology of various lymphoid organs. It was organized in a small group to make it more interactive session. They have observed primary and secondary lymphoid organs and recorded their…

Posterior Spircale of Stomoxys species

Stomoxys commonly known as stable fly resembles the house fly (Musca domestica).  Stable flies are obligate blood feeders and primarily attack cattle and horses for a blood meal (, 2018) The Stomoxys larvae was collected from an infected wound and was processed. The steps involved are: The larvae was boiled in 10% NaOH for about 5…

Colletotrichum capsici and Colletotrichum gleosporoides under Foldscope

Colletotrichum spp. are major phytopathogens causing anthracnose disease in several economically important plants. We observed Colletotrichum capsici and Colletotrichum gleosporoides under Foldscope. Colletotrichum capsici Colletotrichum gleosporoides Colletotrichum capsici on potato dextrose agar Colletotrichum gleosporoides on potato dextrose agar This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.

Foldscope Twinning Programme: CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore, Karnataka & RIPANS, Aizawl, Mizoram

Foldscope Lectures & Training Programme - Organized by Regional Institute of Paramedical & Nursing Sciences (RIPANS), Aizawl, Mizoram (18.09.2018) Foldscope Demonstration Delivering Lecture on Foldscope & Medicinal Plants by Dr. Sh. Victoria Devi, RIPANS Delivering Lecture on Foldscope & Stored Product Insect Pests by Dr. S. Ezil Vendan, CSIR-CFTRI Foldscope Demonstration

“Utility of the Foldscope in Crop Protection: Assessment-cum-Training Workshop for Farmers” at Haristhala, Karnataka

ICAR–NBAIR conducted a workshop entitled “Utility of the Foldscope in Crop Protection: Assessment-cum-Training Workshop for Farmers” at Haristhala village in Chikkaballapura district of Karnataka on 28 August 2018. The main purpose of this workshop was to introduce the Foldscope to the local farming community and to assess the utility of the gadget in crop protection….

Best Poster Award at the First International Conference on Biological Control

  Our poster titled “Taking advantage of the Foldscope in biocontrol research and practice” won the “Best Poster Award” at the “First International Conference on Biological Control: Approaches and Applications” held at Le Meridien Hotel in Bengaluru on 27–29 September 2018.  The poster was acclaimed by the delegates and attracted the attention of many international participants. 

Parasitic infections in Cattle (a. Cattle ticks)

Endoparasites live inside the host. The may either be microparasites such as: blood protozoans (Theileria, Babesia, Trypanosomes) or macroparasites like: Helminths (Trematodes, Cestodes, Nematodes) Ectoparasites include ticks, mites, leeches, flies etc . They live on the outer surface of the host. The most common ectoparasites are ticks which causes cattle tick fever, Theileriosis ,Babesiosis etc….

Our Fourth Workshop on Foldscope at Dinhata College

We have a good experience at Dinhata College  where we arranged our 4th foldscope workshop on 20th September 2018. Students as well as teachers were  were so eagerly awaited to listen foldscope and were so humble to observe under foldscope and capturing picture of the sample  by touching their phone’s screen . They observed pollen…

Our 3rd foworkshop at Department of Botany, NBU

This is our 3rd  foldscope workshop in Department of Botany, North Bengal University on 10th September 2018. Teachers, Research Scholars and students – all were too excited  about the foldscope.  Students of Botany,  Tea Science  and Bioinfomatics were assembled in Botany Dept.  NBU to participate the workshop. They were very curious to know the easy…

EURAXESS ’18 Research Day

I attended  EURAXESS’18 Research Day at The Oterra Hotel, Bangalore on 26th September 2018 and became a EURAXESS Ambassador.  I am planning to pitch Foldscope Outreach Program in EURAXESS Platform as well as to conduct events/program in rural part of our country.

Inorganic Crystals: Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

Structure Crystal structure Triclinic (pentahydrate), space group P-1, a = 0.5986 nm, b = 0.6141 nm, c = 1.0736 nm, α = 77.333°, β = 82.267°, γ = 72.567°   Properties Chemical formula CuSO4·5H2O (pentahydrate) Molar mass 249.685 g/mol (pentahydrate) Appearance blue (pentahydrate) Density 2.286 g/cm3 (pentahydrate) Melting point 110 °C (230 °F; 383 K) decomposes (·5H2O) <560 °C decomposes Solubility in water 1.055 molal (10 °C) 1.26 molal…


• A Mega “Workshop on Foldscope”, encompassing 55 students from 11 different schools (along with 16 science teachers from the Districts of Thanjavur, Tiruchy and Tiruvarur), was conducted on 28th September 2018. From each school, top 5 students were recommended by the respective Principals of the school, for this program. The total count 71 doesn’t…