Aphis gossypii (Common Cotton Aphid)

Name of Institution: CMR National PU College at ITPL, Bangalore. Student’s Name: Anjali Manoj Specimen Observed:  Aphis gossypii (Common Cotton Aphid)                                                                  On the 24th of July, I,…

Common Fruit Fly

Drosophila melanogaster, red eyed, wild type. It is widely used for biological research in genetics, physiology, microbial pathogens, and life history evolution

Wings of Trichogramma chilonis, an important biocontrol agent

Trichogramma chilonis is one of the most widely used biocontrol agents in India. This minute parasitoid is capable of parasitising the eggs of a number of lepidopteran pests on a variety of agricultural crops. [Specimen obtained from Omprakash Navik]  

Glowing hemolymph in an insect

I made a really puzzling observation today. I found a very small flying insect (~1mm) at a friends house. I could not identify if it was a really small fly, wasp or something else. Intrigued; I ended up putting it inside a foldscope. As luck would have it; I squashed the big and a whole…

Mosquito larva ?

I just assembled my Foldscope two nights ago and because of work hadn’t had a chance to go in the field and find something, so I decided to look at what might be growing in a bath water recycling system I have on my porch. I was expecting to find the usual suspects that I…

Question about High Magnification Lens

I have troubles getting centered image when using the High Magnification Lens. The image is always side-shifted and I don’t know if the problem comes from the lens assembling. On the other hand, with the LML the pictures are centered: All pictures are a fly wing.

Itchy exploration

The following images will make your head itch. If you are wondering what they show, let me tell you I have two kids and we live in Argentina (we’re in summer now). Yes! Lice! Never before I thought a louse would be a source of gratification for me. And that’s only because of Foldscope. Have…

Putting the Foldscope to the Test in the Amazon Rainforest

I made my first journey to the Peruvian Amazon about a year ago due to the discovery of a new kind of arachnid known as the ‘decoy spider‘. Since then, I’ve returned to a field site stationed at the Tambopata Research Center and have covered an array of new and interesting arthropods including glow worms and tentacled caterpillars….

From the City to the Jungle with the Foldscope

For the past few months, I’ve been conducting research in the Peruvian Amazon. But when I’m not trekking through the jungle, I’m based in Los Angeles, one of the largest cities in the U.S. So for this post I thought I’d compare and contrast a few things I’ve investigated with my Foldscope, but the moral…

What Does an Insect Leg Look Like Up close? (BioE80 Spr 2015)

In one square mile of land, it’s possible to find more insects than human beings on the entire planet. Truly, we are living on an insect’s planet. Yet, I know so relatively little about them. Armed with a foldscope and the poor dead insect gathered from my windowsill, I set out to change that. I…

Tablet + Foldscope

First tests with the foldscope attached to my tablet. I found attaching the foldscope fiddly and hard to keep still – does anyone have any recommendations to improve this? These are all prepared slides of a variety of things – fish scale, feathers, bee’s eye, plant, insect wing, leg & proboscis.