Vomiting Ladybug Larva

This ladybug larva was collected on the steps near an oak tree on Stanford’s engineering quad. Ladybugs are known to regurgitate meals if they turn out to be toxic.

Aphids from Fenugreek plant

I found these while inspecting what looked like white specs of dust on fenugreek (Methi in India) leaves of my garden. The video also shows a larger aphid with what could possibly be an egg in its hind. Thanks to the Foldscope team that replied and guided me on Instagram. I learned something new!


Foldscopelight Microscopelight Microscope

Wings of Trichogramma chilonis, an important biocontrol agent

Trichogramma chilonis is one of the most widely used biocontrol agents in India. This minute parasitoid is capable of parasitising the eggs of a number of lepidopteran pests on a variety of agricultural crops. [Specimen obtained from Omprakash Navik]  

Arthropod Soil Biodiversity and Foldscope-DSLR Camera Hack

It has been a while since my last post on butterfly wing scales – since then I’ve been thinking up some directions to apply the Foldscope to a more in-depth study on biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest. When I initially played with the Foldscope in the jungle, I had the idea to take one scoop of soil to see what…