Unidentified larvae seen at Vishnu Nagar community centre in Mumbai

  While conducting a foldscope session at Vishnu Nagar community centre in Mumbai collected water sample from outside the hall. The water was coming out of drainage pipe and there was lot of algal growth around it. When looked at it through foldscope saw a this organism. Please help in identifying.

Mystery of floating jelly balls

I am at Woods Hole this week; and just amazed with the biodiversity in the coastal environments around here. I took a stroll around Wood neck beach, with my 6 year old nephew who just got his first plankton tow. The ocean is connected with a little stream and a current passes back and forth….

Protozoan parasitizing a mosquito larva ?

The Sierra Nevada of California right now is blooming. The hills are brushed in the purple, golds and yellows of the California floral palette and beneath the old firs massive bolete mushrooms are pushing up through the duff, nearly asking to find themselves on a dinner plate. Water is abundant and where it has pooled,…

Sand Dollar larvae

Sometimes you stumble upon a ghost (and after realizing it is a ghost) and wonder what the real thing would look like. That’s what happens to me when I see a “sand dollar” on a beach. If you have never handled a sand dollar in your hand – you should. Walk on a beach looking…