Moldy growth on home-made butter

Some bluish-green moldy growth was seen on home-made butter kept in refrigerator. I drew out a sample and fixed it on slide to observe under foldscope.

Class room practical on bread mold experiment contd….(Group -B)

The class was quite excited to post the results. Group B results show an entangled mass of fungal hyphae and sporangia. Rhizopus was seen spreading all over with sporangia formation and also the stolons were clearly visible.  The students were happy to perform the activity and look forward for more foldscope-based activities. Curiosity-driven learning is…

Class room practical on bread mold experiment

A class room practical to study molds on bread was performed by 1st semester undergraduates. Target group – 20 students who worked in batches of 5 each Materials used – 4 slices of bread (any brand) 4 plastic bags Sealing tape Black marker Procedure followed – Each group took a plastic bag and labeled it…

Blue and yellow moldy growth on Amla

Powdery masses of green and yellow spores were seen on bruised surface of Amla ( Phyllanthus emblica). On consulting literature, it was evident that due to rough handling during long distance transportation and storage, the injured fruits are susceptible to fungal infections. The common microflora responsible for the post-harvest losses of fruits usually belong to…

Mycelium growth found on chapati dough

Mouldy growth was seen on stale chapatti dough left un-noticed. On viewing a sample drawn from the white cottony infected portion showed growth of thread-like structures under a foldscope. These are mycelium.   

Spoilage of dairy products

Milk cream samples obtained from a dairy showed fungal growth. On foldscoping the sample, sporangia were observed on long sporangiophores. The fungal hyphae had grown extensively to form a mat- like structure. Is it a fungal biofilm ? This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.

Moldy growth on carrot during storage

Post-harvest losses of vegetables and fruits due to fungal growth during storage lead to heavy losses to farmers financially. I collected a sample of carrot from vegetable market which had fungal growth on it. On observing through a foldscope, I could make out black moldy growth and interwoven hyphae. This post is open to read…

Spoilage molds growing on walls

Do molds spoil only foods? No they also are a nuisance on walls. Moldy growth on a wall shows greenish cotton-like growth. On analyzing it under a foldscope, it was seen to be Aspergillus. Samriti Dhawan & Jasveen Dua (GGDSD College, Chandigarh) This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.

Fungus within an apple core

 On cutting an apple, i saw a fuzzy white fungus in the central core region of the apple. I took a sample and fixed it on a slide to look under a foldscope. It was a weft of fungal hyphae. I tried to locate the spores, but in vain. The entire apple other-wise had no…

Moldy growth on orange

White-green moldy growth was seen on a rotting orange.  Observing a prepared slide of the sample under a foldscope revealed hyphae and conidia borne on conidiophore. Probably it is a Penicillium species. This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.