motion of micro-organism in the water sample of ECO-PARK, CHEERAPUNJI, ASSAM

T.S. of Stem of Mango pith part of stem of Mango  T.S. OF Stem of mango
T.S. of Stem of Mangifera Indica (Mango)

Air sampling near by Najafgarh drain crossing to kings-way camp, New Delhi

  Air sampling for determination of NO2 (Nitogen oxide) NH3( Ammonia) and Particular matter (PM2.5&PM10) in the atmosphere near by Najafgarh drain crossing to kings-way camp, behind Guru Teg Bahadur Khalasa College, University of Delhi,Delhi Foldscope image 10 x : PM 2.5 ( By passive sampler)

T.S. of petiole of leaf sample

T.S. of petiole of leaf of peepal, somple collected from ICAR, Umiam, Meghalaya under twinning programme with North-east region.

Extended tissue in Petiole of Fern

T.S. of fern petiole, staining with safraninin which extra growth of tissue has been seen upto up epidermis through foldscope. . Small bundle of sheath and hairs coming out from epidermis are focused under foldscope.

T. S. of Fern Petiole

T.S. of PETIOLE of Fern without staining., Phloem tissue is made sieve tubes, companion cells are phloem parenchyma.