Flower petal :)

having a foldscope opens a window to the world around me! Still learning how to tweak the phone camera with the magnetic coupler, as my iPhone camera somehow became magnetised and it keeps flapping and moving .. so excited to collect specimens and see everything!

Study of everyday vegetables under foldscope

On a quest to find nice cellular structures with everyday vegetables. I use potato, orange peel, green onion, and shallot here. If anyone knows any vegetable whose cells that are clearly visible under foldscope and any interesting structure, please let me know!

Onion Cells

A  very popular excercise among biology students – a thin slice of onion, i borrowed while mom wasn’t around in the kitchen 🙂 I love the way the bubbles have aligned in the pic too!

Onion Root Tip

Here’s the first foldscope image I’ve ever taken. It is a prepared slide of an onion root tip, stained with acetocarmine to visualise the chromosomes. The onion root tip is a great sample to observe the stages of mitosis, however, most of the division is occurring a bit farther back along the root than where…

How Large Are Plant Cells? (BioE80 Spr 2015)

How big are cells in the plants that grow around us? Luckily, our Foldscope can help!   I first started by taking an image of a flower that was growing outside the classroom:   With the magnification provided by the Foldscope, we can see that there are little rectangular cells that make up this flower. So,…