White mold with clusters of conidia in pea pods under foldscope

While opening the pea pods to take out seeds, I noted a white fur inside them. On drawing a sample and looking through foldscope, I saw intricate network of hyphae and groups of conidia clustered to them at various points. Scanning the slide thoroughly, I could see several big brown spores too. Is it the…

Viewing Infected leaf under foldscope

I spotted an infected leaf in the college garden. It showed white calcareous patches. I plucked the leaf to observe the disesed patch under foldscope. Some thread-like structures could be viewed and worm-like structures too.

Infected Cucurbita leaf under foldscope

White powder-like substance was seen on Cucurbita leaves. The leaves showed yellow patches also. The infected powder was seen under foldscope to find elongated structures as well as oval-shaped spores/cysts.

Fodder bean @ Foldscope sensitization at a farm in Punjab

Moving through the farms of Punjab we came across the fields where mixed crops were grown – wheat and leguminous crops. Indian bean with its short and flat pods was spotted. We were confused whether it was Indian bean or Lima bean as farmers termed it as Phali in their mother tongue. The plants were…

Tomato fruit rot

Tomatoes bought from the store were stored in refrigerator. Two days later when I opened the basket, a tomato had rotted badly. I took out my foldscope and gently took a sample of the rotting tomato on a cello tape and fixed it on a slide. I could see a tangled mass of hyphae showing…

Diseased bean plant

Monsoons this year have been prolonged and Its been raining continuously in North India. My village in Punjab has also been affected. Several crops and vegetables have succumbed to the rains and been destroyed. I have captured image of rotting  bean plant using foldscope.            

Thrips on brinjal leaf

My grandma  is  fond of gardening and has maintained a kitchen garden. Last weekend I visited her place and was helping her plucking green chillies and bottle gourd, when I noticed some powdery mass on the lower side of the brinjal leaves.           I thought it was powdery mildew. I plucked a leaf to…