Pollen of Convolvulaceae

Pollen is that dusty thing we usually see on flowers, but have you ever imagined how it really looks under the microscope? Actually the morfology of the pollen is diverse and it can change a lot from plant to plant, in this one the pollen looks like mini golf balls.

Pollinators’ paradise

Bees are a rare sight in the city. They are seen as a threat, and we humans are driving them to extinction. Yet, without them no life is possible on Earth. A passion fruit vine in my garden sees scores of pollinators every afternoon. What’s admirable is that both species that visit, honeybees and stingless…

Pollen germination

Those fascinating observations from pollen grain germination in the Brahma Kamalam drew me  irresistibly towards flowers of other plants. Recently I have been watching educational videos as now I am planning to create videos for school students using Foldscope images. In the biology videos for Classes 11 & 12 I noticed that Vinca rosea (Periwinkle)…

Pollens of Sterculia foetida (Jangli badam)

Sterculia foetida (Jangli badam) is flowering in Mumbai. It has two types of flowers 👇. Red one is bisexual and yellow one is male. Photographed its pollens with d Foldscope.

How I am learning BOTANY

How I am learning BOTANY, a thread: I had studied botany in school and college but never found it as interesting as microbiology. So ultimately did masters in microbiology. I have been exploring microscopic world with the @TeamFoldscope, I always carry it with me. (1/n) I put anything I find interesting under the Foldscope and…

Pollens of Commelina diffusa

Pollens of Commelina diffusa as observed through the Foldscope. This is the second Commelina species I have seen in Mumbai. Approximate size of the pollen is 73 microns. #microscope #scicomm #science #sciencetwitter #ecology

Pollens of Senna tora

Pollens of Senna tora as seen through the Foldscope. Approximate size of the pollens is 26 microns.


Osmium sanctum A common plant in India, Tulsi can be easily found in Indian homes. Image attached shows you the pollen of Tulsi plant with the help of a foldscope.

Anatomy of a hibiscus flower

Every day as I walk out of my residence here in Cape Town, I pass by this brilliant hibiscus flowering tree. Oftentimes I’ll snatch a flower down just to add some natural color to my room, and I was so wowed by the different parts of it I saw under my Foldscope: And below, pollen…

Pollens of unidentified tree

Noticed a strange flower in TISS campus, tried to find its name but couldn’t. Can someone help me identify it? Photographed its pollens with d Foldscope, they look beautiful! Pollen size is ~60 microns. Need help in identifying name of plant.

Pollens of Firebush (Hamelia patens)

Pollens of Firebush (Hamelia patens) look like water droplets through the Foldscope. Approximate size of the pollen is 38 microns. Firebush is a commonly found plant in gardens.

Pollen from a tree

A medium-sized tree outside my boundary wall provides shade to passer byes in summer noons. These days it is in full bloom with white and purple small flowers. I plucked a few flowers and observed its pollen under foldscope.

A Flower Pollen Sample in Southern California

5/8/19 4:30pm plucked a flower from the south west corner of Caltech’s campus. Prepared sample by rubbing the center of the flower on a slide then taping on a cover slide (on the sides). The flower was yellow with red and the center and serrated edges, and it was about 2 inches across. I identified…