An Impromptu Foldscope Workshop at TCIS, Hyderabad

The wild ivy grows wherever it pleases, said Marty Rubin. Although we have conveniently taken this quote from his dystopian novel, ‘The Boiled Frog Syndrome’, we have figured out that our excitement is in no way any less — it grows wherever it pleases, whenever it pleases, and also however it pleases. To feed this…

Comparing stomata & epidermal cells between different species of plants

Collecting & Preparing a sample After reading the post by KAVITHA ( about stomata, I had a question: Do all stomata look the same? So over the weekend, while visiting my sister and parents, we went on a Stomata Expedition! We collected a several different sorts of leaves, placing them in a plastic tub to…

Stomata on lower epidermis of leaf.

It was a great experience watching slide of epidemic cells and stomatas with the help of a foldscope . Foldscope works really well as a portable microscope and it also does not require any adjustment. According to me Foldscope is a great device.

Stomata of Alocasia indica (Roxb) Schott

These are the stomata of Alocasia indica (Roxb) Schott, grown in the kitchen garden of JNV Papumpare, Arunachal Pradesh, India. It is a medicinal plant. Petiole, rhizome and leaf are edible. Leaf lamina roasted for local application on boils.

Live imaging of stomata in Tulips

Today we received beautiful bundle of flowers. It’s rare that we get flowers for our house – so I spent the time setting them up. It was very clear very quickly that it was time for me to setup a live imaging session on a flower pot – thus I finally decided to undertake the…