Sugar. It looks like heart, doesn’t it ?


This post documents my very first attempt at using a foldscope!

White and Black sugar crystals

After some cooking for a birthday coming next week, I wanted to know how does the white sugar look under the Foldscope: 10x Lens: It’s incredible to see the almost perfect geomeric shape of the crystal. With some zoom of the cellphone camera (40x): Then I thought how could be a black sugar crystal and this is…


Constructed my Foldscope at Starbucks, and examined some table sugar (picturedbelow) along with aspartame (above). Wouldn’t it be cool to compare it’s crystalline structure to other sweeteners? (ie. Splenda, Stevia…). Depending on it’s chemical compound, how does it affect it’s structure and taste?  


    I examine ”granulated sugar.” I saw this beautiful crystals. It was an exciting experiment for me. by: Yaren Sancak