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    Hi, I have just started using my FOldscope today, and have had fun looking at clothing fibres and grass seeds.
    But I just wanted to check something about using the coverslip stickers – in the video tutorial it says that you use just one sticker and stick your sample to it. But in the instructions that come with the foldscope it says that your sample should be sandwiched between 2 coverslip stickers. Does it matter which method you use? OR its personal preference?
    I suppose if you use 2 stickers then the stickers get used up more quickly! But maybe that would protect your lens in case the samples get unstuck and fall onto the lens?
    Any advice gratefully received!
    Sarah from Ghana



    First, it depends on the type of sample, if it is a dry sample like the clothing fiber or grass seeds one coverslip is fine, it it is a wet sample we recommend sandwiching the sample.

    Did your receive a deluxe kit? If so we would recommend using the transparent tape on the other side of the cover slip to sandwich between the transparent tape and the clear coverslip sticker, thus saving your coverslip stickers!

    If you received the basic classroom version with no tape then we recommend using two clear coverslips for best results with wet samples.

    Hope this is helpful!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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