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    I’ve just assembled my foldscope and am having trouble focusing. The thing is, I can’t tell if it’s my eyes or not. I’m near 50 and recently started wearing bifocals and when I got them I had to specify a preferred reading distance, which is about 12 inches away from my face. when I’m looking through the foldscope I can’t figure out where I should be looking (which plane). I might not be able to focus on something held right by my eyes.

    I’m planning on dedicating one of my old cell phones to use with this microscope (it’s charging now), but I’m wondering inf anybody else with near vision issues has been having the same problem.

    I used to do a lot of microscopy in grad school, but that was well before my bifocal phase.



    Have you been able to try adjusting the focus ramp? Let us know if that didn’t help, or if you have other questions regarding focusing.

    Skylar from the Foldscope Team



    Hi I am also in your situation but decided not to bother with bifocal or anything else –

    I find that when I take off my glasses – and use the foldscope – by always adjusting well my specimen – manually from the back – yellow side – I can see things the given specimen well – and use normal – focus ramp – to move my objects ever so slightly…- my issue – is with my led magnifer or led backlight = it came broken with – batteries – already leaking – I replaced the batteries but my led magnifier still does not work….

    Can I use my cell phone to make photos without led maginifer? ps I also want to use an old nokia phone with a Zeiss Lens – but am having trouble finding an old fitting battery for that phone …help appreciated

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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