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    Please suggest how i can register multiple foldscopes under single user name and password.
    I have 10 foldscopes for research project of DBT, India.
    There sticker codes are as follows-
    1. 0002C8D46A31
    2. 000234B9B32B
    3. 000239DBEB0D
    4. 00021A552D89
    5. 0002577C4C2B
    6. 0002440F3D95
    7. 0002E3D189A5
    8. 0002C956384A
    9. 00024B694D1B
    till now i am able to register only one foldscopes that is the 1st one(0002C8D46A31)with the current user name and password. please suggest how can i register remaining 9 foldscopes under the same user name and password. Kindly reply asap since the research project is under progress.

    with regards
    Dr. Anil Kumar
    Principal investigator
    Department of Biotechnology
    Govt.V.Y.T.PG.Auto. College,Durg C.G. India.490010
    Contact +91-982749125


    Dear AnilKumar
    I feel we no need to register all the foldscope in our name, we have to train the people, students or teachers. They can register the foldscope by there name and they have to upload images by their name. But all the credits may come for us only, because its all already registered in our name


    Harshita jaiswal

    We at our medical college are also facing similar issue. I would request foldscope team to answer this query as we also want to resgister all the foldscope by a single user name so that a single user can show the work done by our medical college.

    R D Gardi Medical College

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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