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    Hello. I was wondering, do you need to insert a sample slide to examine something through the microscope? Say I wanted to identify a mushroom while walking in a forest. Would I need to slice a part of the mushroom, put it in a slide, and insert that slide into the microscope to examine it??? What if there was something on my skin that needed to be identified? Well, for now, that’s all I needed to ask. Have a good day or night, wherever you are.



    Hello imaginevoid,

    The foldscope works exactly like an light microscope. The principe is simple, you enlighten an object and depending on the density of it, you’ll see the absorbed light from it. The more dense your object is, the more darker your image will be. Then, if your object is too thick, you’ll principally see nothing about it.
    That’s why you may have to make a slide of a specimen to be able to see it through the foldscope. Start with something simple and thin like an onion :
    And them by experiment, you’ll be able to know how to sample.



    Ok. I have been thinking. If I were in am environment with great lighting and other factors, how clearly would the foldscope magnify say, my skin without samples??? How would the image turn out??? Would I be able to clearly identify leaves, petals, mushrooms, plants, trees, vegetables, fruits, etc without samples??? Is there research done on this??? Yes, I know you said it depends on the density of the subject, its thickness, and probably other factors, but I wan precise information on the things I have listed. Have a good day or night.




    I’m not exactly sure I understood. But if your question is to know if it exists a way to observe everything without having to sample for it, yes it exists. It’s basicaly what binocular loupe is. You don’t see through the sample but on his surface and it will looks like that :
    ants magnified
    The problem with this kinda technic is the limit of the magnification which is limited.

    Have I answered your questions?



    Oh, so even if I were to put my skin under foldscope without inserting a slide, and I was able to see an image, the magnification would be much lower?




    If you do that, your skin will have to be close enought to be on the focal plan, so close that you’ll not see anything because of the lack of light.

    We are talking about a stereomicroscope :
    StereoMicroscope Diagram
    No slide needed, surface observation, low magnification, light from the side

    The foldscope word like an optical microscope :
    Microscope diagram
    Slide needed, inside observation, higher magnification, light through the specimen

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