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    I’m interested in information about where to purchase additional supplies. Specifically, paper and PVC slides, adhesive rings for the couplers, well plate/petri dishes, and coversheet stickers/tape. I anticipate that we will end up going through a lot of these supplies.

    Thank you.


    Hi AndiSocial,

    Unfortunately we do not sell replacement spare parts at this time. Due to our low buying power (volume purchase), we are unable to find ways to offer the spare parts in an economical way for our customers.

    Some of the components you mentioned can be acquired or made on your own:

    Extra slides can be purchased at most life science supply stores or via online at a major e-commerce site.

    Cover slips can also be purchased with the slides at any life science supply stores or online.

    You can make paper slides out of manila folders or medium stock paper.

    Skylar from the Foldscope Team


    Bet best are sites like AliExpress.

    Microscope accessory kit

    Adhesive ring

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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