PHY 112 foldedcope

I was eating a chocolate chip cookie at the library. I took a crumb and placed it on a microscope slide. The image was taken April 27th 2:50 pm.

Water Sample

Microcosmos of a puddle in the Arizona Cactus Garden at Stanford University – thanks Foldscope for opening my eyes to a whole new world!

PHY112 Foldscope Assignment: Aditya Kuchibhotla

The stem of a flower in front of the Social Sciences building. I cut the stem in half and flattened it onto the clear sticky before placing it onto the plastic microscope slide. The image was taken on April 27th at 2:40pm.

PHY 112 Extra Credit

What: Fake plant moss When: April 27th, 2022 Where: Apartment lobby How: picked up from ground

Foldscope EC Assignment

Namita Shah What: Fibers of my shirtWhen: April 27thWhere: In the Barrett loungeHow: Used sticky tape to collect fibers 2. What: Soil in the succulent plant When: April 27th Where: In the Barrett lounge How: Used sticky tape to collect soil 3. What: A plant leaf When: April 27th Where: Home Depot garden section How:…

Respiratory Surface – Bioe80

I used my foldscope to examine the anatomy of an aquatic insect larva found on campus. My investigation uncovered that these larva use thousands of microscopic structures like the ones shown above to maximize the surface area available for respiration.

Samples from the Sonora – PHY112

1: What: A thin (1mm) slice of the superficial peel of a València Orange When: This afternoon, 27 April 2022 Where: My kitchen in AZ, Orange acquired from Sprouts Market How: Consuming the orange and carefully slicing off a section of the remnant peel with a sharp kitchen knife to place on the slide 2:…