How to Make an Inexpensive Microtome

Hi All, I’m making inexpensive microtomes to use with the foldscopes. Here are the items I used. You can use either an empty wooden or plastic thread spool. In order to have a surface on which to glue the nut and to have a firm cutting surface, glue a metal washer on each end of the plastic spool. The…

What’s Going on in Berkeley?

Found this little creature in Lake Anza in Tilden Park…trapped in a PVC well…imaging done with new focus-locking prototype of Foldscope, and specimen collected with various tools from the forthcoming Foldscope Deluxe Individual Kit (…more details and methods to come…

Kellogg Biological Station

Last weekend a colleague of mine invited me to give a guest lecture for her summer class in evironmental and science writing at the Kellogg Biological Station. KBS is a research center built on the former estate of the Kellogg family (yes, the cereal people). It’s primary features are a campus of labs and greenhouses,…

Exploring Plants at Ropes Mansion (Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA)

On May 27, 2017 the Art & Nature Center at the Peabody Essex Museum hosted a Foldscope and Origami Flower Workshop at the Ropes Mansion, one of the historic properties owned by the Museum. This 18th century property is home to a beautiful garden in which we host special programs periodically throughout the summer, and…

ஆவாரம் பூ மகரந்தம்

இது கோவை அவினாசியில் பதிவு செய்தது. அங்கே இருந்த ஆவாரம் பூவை எடுத்து அதன் மகரந்தத்தைப் பதிவு செய்தோம். 

Found Feather

My students caught me checking out a feather that I found over the weekend. Curiosity is contagious; I had a circle of students around me in moments.                     

Facial Tissue

        Two of my students chose to look at items under the Foldscope for their free time today. School’s almost over for the summer and they chose to do more science. I love it!


  Today the class collected anything they wanted from the area around our suburban elementary school. This is the mud that was collected, spread out in a well slide with water.                 

Foldscope Workshop with Curious school students

I am happy to share with you all that we Bhawna Sama, final year student of Biomedical Science, Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences, Delhi University and my professor Dr Uma Chaudhry have been able to successfully complete a workshop at childrens’ book trust on 3rd June 2017.  Sharing some of the snapshots with the  Foldscope…

Foldscope at UTEC

Some months ago we contacted Prof. Manu Prakash because we wanted to use the foldscope in projects related with space exploration where the foldscope could be a very useful tool due to its weigth (it would cost far less to take a foldscope to the Moon or Mars than a regular microscope), and also to…

Pond Plant

      The class asked to see what one of the pond plants looked like. The sample is from a water hyacinth.

Pond Water Motion Day 2

My class was fascinated by all of the movement in the sample. In their classroom microscopes they could see very little. While out at the pond, they had an interesting conversation about how they’d never drink the pond water, but they’d drink from a stream that looked clear. It was an important teaching moment. They…

Pond Water Day 2

This is the pond outside of the school where I work. The filter and fountain stopped running last week, so the water is less than clear. Plant and animal life live in the pond, including goldfish. We collected samples to look at again today. The students were surprised that although the pond was green, the end…

Honey forensics – pollen in honey from St Petersburg 

Today, I had a really fun tea session with the principle and teachers at school number 30, in the heart of St. Petersburg. We ran a foldscope workshop for students from several schools in the area (documentation coming soon).  While drinking my tea with honey, I decided to look at the honey under a foldscope. …

Pond Water Motion

Guinea Pig Hair

My excited students brought in items to look at with their classroom microscopes and the Foldscope. This was a donation of guinea pig fur.

Bee Hotel

Today, my partner and I took advantage of some perfect weather and a day off to walk around one of MSU’s gardens and enjoy some nature curated and cultivated in a human aesthetic. As an agricultural school, Michigan State has any number of gardens to sit in and read, and for today’s garden, we’re sitting…

Where ants come from?

I am often perplexed with how many ants I have in my house. If someone could dissolve the whole house but the ants; I think you will still see a skeleton of my house made out of ants. Anyway, I love ants – so I have no problem. My family, not so much. So while…

Pond Water

These are images of pond water from outside of the school where I work.