Train the trainers @ DGVC on 27, Aug & 5, Sep, 2019

Train the trainers workshops were conducted this year after the I years got inducted and settled in their classes. Ten Students from I B.Sc.Physics and I B.Sc. Maths attended these training 27, August and 5, Sep after College hours. These students mainly took samples of pollen and parts of flowers from our campus and water…

DBT Foldscope Workshop @ CTTE College, Chennai, on 22, Aug, 2019

Under DBT Foldscope scheme, One Day Workshop on DBT Foldscope- Assembly & Usage was conducted at CTTE College, Chennai on 22, Aug, 2019. Nearly 50 students from various classes of B.Sc. Physics participated in this workshop enthusiastically. Our volunteers who guided the participants belong to four different generation of Foldscopers of our College. This is…

Workshop for Ramakrishna Mission group of schools, Chennai

Under DBT Foldscope project, we could reach out to nearly 90 students and 10 Science teachers and Science activity room staff of Ramakrishna Mission group of Schools, Chennai. Students and teachers from their three different schools participated in this workshop on 13, Aug, 2019.

Translation of Foldscope Instructions in Tamil

Learning in local language is easier and makes the learner independent. Foldscope being a frugal innovation it needs to be taken to the mass. Language should not be a barrier for the user. Especially for the young minds, understanding in their own language makes them explore and think beyond. Our Foldscope team lead by Dr.Uthra...

Stall at VBazaar

Foldscope knowledge stall was put at V Bazaar, D. G Vaishnav college, Arumbakkam on 22nd and 23rd February 2019 with the aim to popularise the usage of foldscope among interested students and general public.

Foldscope Experiment

I’m really excited about the foldscope experiment. It was so amazing. I got a new experience and it intrigues me more to learn about physics. I enjoyer the whole session.

A bit of peacock feather- first experience

Petals of Hibiscus

HIBISCUS-FOLDSCOPE I am SRUTHI from I-BSC CHEMISTRY of DG VAISHNAV COLLEGE..well,This is my FIRST TRIAL with foldscope...very fascinating and interesting too..very much amazed to work with foldscope.  This broke the walls between disciplines - learning  to use foldscope to catch image of a biological specimen from Physics students..and am very glad to have such an opportunity..!!Planning...


dont think its lays…but it is mosquito wing yellow candies the wall of cells guess this sweet thing tat add sugar to ur food caterpillar leg garlic skin king fruits leaf dil mage more……blood Stalk of cumin Not a planet,just a part of a plant🌿 Glucose Sugar crystal Vicks piece Chickpea (chana dal) Pigeon pea...
Not a planet,just a part of a plant🌿 Glucose Stalk of cumin🌱 Vicks piece

kesar ki jawani

kesar ka dum!!! i made a slide of kesar we all know that kesar is so small but what u see above is a kesar so i placed it in foldscope i observed it like a red streak of blood

stamens of riccinus communis

i made a slit by placing a stamen of riccinus communis and viewed under foldscope,i could observe pollen of it but really it was so amazing to see such thing marvellous!!
onced i plucked a flower it was so i just took the petal of that flower and viewed under foldscope. i observed so many pores on it and it was so bright and etc..nature is always a nature!!!!

talcum powder

i made a slit of talcum powder and placed it under the foldscope it was like crystalls

mosquito wing

once i sprayed the hit (mosquito repellent ) after doing so i got a mosquito so i had an idea of viewing a wing so i dissected a wing and placed under foldscope after making it a slide.marvelous i observed the veins like structures ..! awesome mosquito

red thread

once my new shirt was torned while playing so i asked my mom to stich it ,as it was a red cloth,mom tooked a red thread so mind stucked to view thread under the foldscope .i took a thread which is of short in length and then i made into slide and placed i observed...

silver scale

i just placed a fish scale that too a pond fish i just cleaned it and i took a scale of it and made a slide,i felt like scale glittered like a silver
Spider legs

orange mania

on my evening walk to near by market i thought of buying some carrot for my brunch then i got an idea of placing a carrot then i just took the upper layer of carrot and i just made a slide and viewed its really awesome i could find some pores and water droplets