Feature of a Pigeon Feather

Colour differs but it looks like same pattern in foldscope. Feathers grow epidermal growth that form the distinctive outer covering plumage on birds.

Antennae of Dragonfly

Pouch like, with a lateral bristle. Capitate antennae are abruptly clubbed at the end.  

Wings of Dragonfly

Dragonflies are heavy – bodied, strong flying  insects that hold their wings horizontally both in flight and at rest. It looks like a football.    

Legs of Dragonfly

A dragonfly has 6 joined legs and so classified under the phylum Arthropoda. Dragonflies are usually found around lakes, ponds, streams and Wetlands.      

Petal of Hibiscus

The leaves are alternate ovate to lanceolate, after  with a toothed. The flowers are large, trumpet –  shaped, with five petals its colour dark pink and   from 4 – 18 cm broad.      

Mosquito to leg

“Pairs of Legs” Mosquitoes have 3 pairs of jointed legs. So they have six legs in all. But I observed first two pairs of legs under foldscope. It looked like root  hair.

Layer of Onion

Excited to see the neatly arranged onion peel cells. Cells are arranged like a brick wall.

Layer of Chilly

Fresh chilly outer layer observed under foldscope. It looked like wrinkled skin.

Guava Leaf

“Curious to see the leaf structure”. I observed a different leaf structure in this tree. It looked like satellite picture of the Earth.