Stomata of Spider Lily

We can observe the dumbbell shaped cells surrounding the stomata in the monocot plant - Spider Lily ( Lycoris radiata )

Synthetic fibers

A closer look at a nylon ribbon shows the systematic layout of two fibers in one row and only one in the other

House of Rhizopus

Observation of the structure of the commonly found rhizopus, also known as bread mould.

Stomata of different plant leaves

We the students of class 9 A and B from Gowlidoddi school [TSWREIS]   were interested to observe the epidermal peels of different plant leaves to visualize stomata and here are our observations. 9th A and B students: Balajyothi, Tejashwini,Akansha, Ankita,Chandana, Shivani, Srivani, Anusha,Geeta, Abigna, Princy,Srija, Shireesha Under theguidance of Veronica Ma’am

Onion Cells

These slides were prepared by 9th B students :Vani, Mounika From: Gowlidoddi girls school

Check your cheek cells

Foldscope workshop at TIFR Hyderabad June 19-20, 2018   Deep down in the center of cheek  cells, the ‘wise’ nucleus appeared through the  foldscope, to give a surprise visit for the viewers. The cells are irregular in shape and have the nucleus at the center. K. T. Veronica, TSWREIS Gowlidoddi These are our foldscope numbers:…