Stomatal openings in different conditions

Rheo leaf in tap water. In this picture the stomatos are all open and we can see them very clear.                                      Stomata in tap water

Stomata of Rheo leaf immersed in salt and sugar solutions.

Stomata of Rheo leaf immersed in salt solution and in sugar solution. Picture by Jayasri, Mercy (8 class), Haritha (TGT-Biology), Sharada(JL-Zoology) and Vijaya Bharathi(JL-Botany) from Telangana social welfare residential school (TSWRS) Narsingi.

A Day in TIFR

Foldscope workshop at TIFR Hyderabad June 19-20, 2018 Sharada Haritha Foldscope ID Numbers: 000207EAA812, 00020CD0BE1C, 000284DDDE15, 00020E40738C, 0002050BFFDF, 000246BEACDD, 00020F8783D5, 00024E2E4719, 00022A696A85, 0002236629B9, 00026F864341, 00022E951CC1, 0002068A5D50, 0002E06E7868, 00024A310B26, 000275D93994, 00022A6964FC, 0002110CFC29, 000227DB1712, 00022656B03D, 0002976B2C1C, 00026E3A1B01.