Workshop on assembly and uses of Foldscope

First one day workshop was conducted in Alipurduar College, West Bengal . Students of Botany , Zoology and Biological sciences were participated. They are so exited.  Everybody is interested to avail the foldscope as it is wonderful study tool.

Tradescantia Spathacea under a foldscope

An image of the leaf of Tradescantia Spathacea under a foldscope at Ekya school J.P.N. Bengaluru . This is a section of the leaf which was placed under the foldscope.   We brought some leaves of this plant from our homes and thought that it would be interesting to observe the leaf under the lens…

Foldscope workshop and research

I visited different labs for foldscope outreach and workshop. Dr. Biman and  Dr. Nitin particularly hel ped me out to explore more for foldscope. Some of the lab pictures are being posted.

Foldscope workshops and outreach

Foldscope workshop at Goa University, Mats University Raipur, IIT Guwahati, and at NEHU Shillong was conducted. I am thankful to Prof. Savita Kerkar, Dr. Amit Dutta, Dr. Biman Bihari Mandal, and Dr. Nitin Sahai for making the event memorable. In out -reach program workshop was conducted and Foldscope were given to their labs for smooth…

மதுரை இளைஞர்களுக்கான ஒரு நாள் மடிப்பு நுண்ணோக்கிப் பயிற்சி முகாம்

மதுரை இளைஞர்களுக்கான ஒரு நாள் மடிப்பு நுண்ணோக்கிப் பயிற்சி முகாம் இன்று 12.08.2018  மதுரை திருப்பரங்குன்றத்துப் பூங்காவில் நடைபெற்றது. இதில் 18 பேர் பங்கேற்றனர். அற்புதமான ஈடுபாட்டோடு இளைஞர்கள் பங்கேற்றனர். இனியன் மற்றும் நானும் இந்த பயிற்சிமுகாமில் பங்கேற்றவர்களுக்கு பயிற்சி அளித்தோம். காலை 10 மணி முதல் மாலை 4.30 மணிவரை நடைபெற்றது. ஆனால் பயிற்சிக்கான காலம் ஒரு நாள் என்பது போதுமானதாக இல்லை என்பதையே இத்தனை பயிற்சியின் அனுபவத்தில் கிடைத்திருக்கிறது. மாதிரிகள் நிறைய இருக்கும் இடத்தில்…

Beating heart of head lice

Look at the beating heart of a head louse. Its a tube like transparent structure beating continuously. It pumps blood which is transparent as it lacks haemoglobin. This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.

Oneday Foldscope Biowalk @ Suruli Falls TamilNadu

ஒரு நாள் மடிப்பு நுண்ணோக்கி களப் பயணம் ஈடன் சைன்ஸ் கிளப் உறுப்பினர்கள் 24 பேர் கொண்ட குழு தேனிமாவட்டம் சுருளி அருவி உள்ள காட்டுப் பகுதிக்கு செல்வது என திட்டமிடப்பட்டது. அதன் அடிப்படையில் 11.08.2018 அன்று காலை 7 மணிக்கு மதுரையிலிருந்து புறப்பட்டுச் சென்றோம். அற்புதமான களப்பயணமாக இருந்தது.  களப்பயணத்தில் பல தடங்களும் இருந்ததை பார்க்க முடிந்தது. வனத்திற்குள் நாம் எளிமையாக செல்ல முடியவில்லை. முதலில் வனத்துறையிடம் அனுமதி வாங்க வேண்டுமாம். நாங்கள் 25 பேர்…

Using Foldscopes with Form 3 Students in Ghana

A group of students at Kongo Junior High School got the unique opportunity to see for the first time through a microscope.  This group of students had studied the micro world previously via textbooks, but due to lack of resources had not had the opportunity to see it for themselves.  I was a student from…

Sample collection

Collection of water samples from different water bodies of Palashani Village under foldscope project by the Research Assistant- Dr. Utpal Dutta and Dr. Imdadur Rahman, Sibsagar College, Assam. PI of the project Dr. Saumar Jyoti Mahanta.

Foldscope Twinning Programme

A Twinning Programme was held at Bishnupur Hr.Sec.School, Manipur between Johnstone Hr.Sec.Scbool,Imphal and Bishnupur Higher Secondary School, Manipur on 11th August,2018. This programme is very useful in exchanging of knowledge and techniques among the students of twinning schools and gives a chance to work together in a common platform.

Placoid scales

    Placoid scales are found in the cartilaginous fishes . They are also called dermal denticles. Placoid scales are structurally homologous with vertebrate teeth, having a central pulp cavity supplied with blood vessels, surrounded by a conical layer of dentine, all of which sits on top of a rectangular basal plate that rests on the dermis. The outermost layer is composed of vitrodentine, a largely inorganic enamel-like substance….

Collection of water samples from the households of palashani village under foldscope project.PIDr Saumar Jyoti Mahanta

Foldscope Class in Philippines in VR 360 Video

What does it feel like to run a Foldscope class in a village school in Mindanao? While Foldscopes help us to zoom in on the minuscule, virtual reality and 360 degree cameras are new technologies to do the opposite – to zoom out to appreciate the context and immersively capture the bigger picture. And in…

Elytra of Rice Weevil and Pulse Beetle Adults

Morphostructure in Fore Wing of Rice Weevil (Sitophilus oryzae) -1 Morphostructure in Fore Wing of Pulse Beetle (Callosobruchus chinensis) - 6 Morphostructure in Fore Wing of Pulse Beetle (Callosobruchus chinensis) - 5 Morphostructure in Fore Wing of Pulse Beetle (Callosobruchus chinensis) - 4 Morphostructure in Fore Wing of Pulse Beetle (Callosobruchus chinensis) - 3 Morphostructure...

First attempt – Wasp Wing

Name(required) Email(required) Website Message My foldscope arrived today and my first subject was the wing of a wasp I have previously photographed. I couldn't get the foldscope to attach to my phone properly and so used my new canon 65mm macro lens to capture this still - showing what looks like fibres, hooks and hairs...

Foldscope Twinning Programme of Bishnupur Hr.Sec.School,Manipur, India.

Foldscope TWinning Programme between T.G. Hr.Sec.School,Imphal and Bishnupur Hr.Sec.School, Manipur was held at the Biology laboratory of Bishnupur Hr.Sec.School,Manipur. In this programme, there is exchange of knowledge and techniques among the students in relation to Foldscope as educational tool.

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Ginger rhizome infected with soft rot disease
Ginger rhizome infected with soft rot disease