Ovary of Hibiscus rojasinesis plant

  Student{Mr. Praveen,7th class}  from  ZPHS gudupalli were very interested  to see the ovary of Hibiscus plant. it was very amazing to observe the ovules ,locules and vascular bundles.

chlorophyll observed in Guava leaf

students from 9th class were eager to learn chlorophyll structure and stomata cells . they prepared the slide and observed under the foldscope.

T.S. Of Black board Duster

When the students came to lab when they saw plant of tridax, they asked that with the help of tridax we are rubbing the slates and black board, but we didn’t saw how the internal stem look like? With the help of fold scope can you show me how it looks.

petal of hibiscuses plant

I had collected hibiscus flower petals.I placed little bit of petal on the slide and observed under foldscope.it is a wonder to me.because this is my first  experience of using foldscope thank you u sir.

Moong dal granules

I was interested to see the granules in pulses. I added iodine to the moong dal paste. then placed a drop of solution on the slide and focused under foldscope.i can see the the oval shape granules.

Microbes entry on Bahunia purpurea fruit

when our house keeping workers were collecting the dry fruits and leafs, they have observed that some black and brown patches on the fruit .they came to me and asked what is that ,i said it is an a microorganisms. they asked me to show. with the help of foldscope they had observed the microorganisms….

Possible Applications, Modifications, Improvements

When I first got my hands on the foldscope, I was blown away. It was one thing to see someone else using it, and to see the images they got from it, but it was a whole new experience seeing it happen for myself. It seems almost impossible that such as small, simple device could…

Saving the Ganga Lake

For the past 10 years, my grandfather, poet laureate G. Mend-Ooyo, has been rallying to protect and now save the Ganga lake, in his home province in Sukhbaatar, Mongolia. This lake is very near and dear to his heart, and to that of many other Mongolians. The lake is said to have been seeded by…

The Nomadic Scientist

Hello everyone! My name is Bilguudei (Billy) Naranbaatar. I am a fourth year undergraduate student at UCLA majoring in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology. I am also from Mongolia, a country that is almost entirely open steppe, and populated by a still nomadic people. One of my main goals in studying in the United States…


dont think its lays…but it is mosquito wing yellow candies the wall of cells guess this sweet thing tat add sugar to ur food caterpillar leg garlic skin king fruits leaf dil mage more……blood Stalk of cumin Not a planet,just a part of a plant🌿 Glucose Sugar crystal Vicks piece Chickpea (chana dal) Pigeon pea...


Corte histológico transversal do caule de uma espécie não identificada.

Copepods at Lake Lagunita on a Rainy Day

Today Manu Prakash showed us where to look for interesting microbial action.  He also shared  some tips on using the foldscope.  This sample was collected from Lake Lagunita and the movie was taken by Manu. Enjoy!  

Feature of a Pigeon Feather

Colour differs but it looks like same pattern in foldscope. Feathers grow epidermal growth that form the distinctive outer covering plumage on birds.

Antennae of Dragonfly

Pouch like, with a lateral bristle. Capitate antennae are abruptly clubbed at the end.  

Wings of Dragonfly

Dragonflies are heavy – bodied, strong flying  insects that hold their wings horizontally both in flight and at rest. It looks like a football.    

Legs of Dragonfly

A dragonfly has 6 joined legs and so classified under the phylum Arthropoda. Dragonflies are usually found around lakes, ponds, streams and Wetlands.      

Petal of Hibiscus

The leaves are alternate ovate to lanceolate, after  with a toothed. The flowers are large, trumpet –  shaped, with five petals its colour dark pink and   from 4 – 18 cm broad.      

Pollen ropes

I made a surprising discovery while eating dinner today. My mom mounted some flowers on the dinner table; which she had plucked from the street. They are beautiful – and although everyone is eating dinner, I can’t focus on my food since something is bothering me about this flower. See for yourself!!  You see the…

Clothes from Colorful fibers

We all were colorful clothes everyday. We are focusing on color, design, quality and variety. But we never seen about the fibers in it directly. Here i have explored with few types of clothes like  polyester, Cotton, nylon etc…

observation of fungus

iam collect the coconut  and observed the fungus under foldscope is very amazing.

pond miracle

Students from  ZPHS. Dandikuppam  and i visited  the pond ecosystem. one of the student Mr. Manoj  was interested to see the Aerenchyma  tissues presented in the Lotus stem. He taken Transverse section of stem and Observed under the Fold scope. After his  experience under the fold scope he felt very enthusiasm and thank full for…

stages of MEIOSIS in Allium cepa flower bud

When i am doing cooking with onion  flower .i saw some thing inside the flower .I thought why we cant see the cell division inside the flower  by using fold scope. then i took the fold scope to my home and i observed the cell division i.e MEIOSIS stages & even my family were observed…

Crystals Under foldscope

While taking a session on crystallization , we got a thought to have a look at crystals through fold scope. We observed Ammonium dichromate, Potassium dichromate, copper sulphate and potassium permagnate    

Anaphase I Meiosis stages in Allium cepa flower buds

I saw Anaphase I Meiosis stages in Allium cepa  flower buds in foldscope. This is the first time observing under the foldscope and it is really thrilled and fasinating experience for me to see the stages under foldscope.

Foldscope Workshop for Educators

Merging of Art and Science. Workshop attendees learn about the Foldscope and how to use it. Each person is encouraged to collect specimens that interest them to view under the Foldscope and complete an acrylic abstract painting of their findings. My favorite thing is to see the collaboration between the students and to hear the…