भेंडी/ भिंडी/ Okra through the Foldscope

भेंडी माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कसा दिसतो? भिंडी माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसा दिखती है? How does Okra looks through the Foldscope? Photos taken with d Foldscope.

Iridescent Scales of Common Jay Butterfly.

Biology, Nature. Where do butterflies get their striking colors? Wing of a Common Jay (Graphium doson) Papilionidae . Butterflies actually get their colors from Ordinary(pigmented) and Structural color The ordinary comes from pigments Structural color is due to Iridescence

Pollens of Sterculia foetida (Jangli badam)

Sterculia foetida (Jangli badam) is flowering in Mumbai. It has two types of flowers 👇. Red one is bisexual and yellow one is male. Photographed its pollens with d Foldscope.

Moth proboscis

Found a dead moth in corridor. Since long I wanted to see a proboscis under d Foldscope. It looks amazing!

कांदा/ प्याज़/ Onion through the Foldscope

कांदा माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कसा दिसतो? प्याज़ माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसा दीखता है? How does onion looks through the Foldscope? Photos taken with d Foldscope.

कढीपत्ता/ करीपत्ता/ Curry leaf through the Foldscope

कढीपत्ता माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कसा दिसतो? करीपत्ता माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसा दीखता है? How do Curry leaves look through the Foldscope? 3rd picture is backside of leaf, stomata is also visible. Photos taken with d Foldscope.

टोमेटो/ टमाटर/ Tomato through the Foldscope

टोमेटो माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कशे दिसते? टमाटर माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसे दीखता है? How does tomato looks through the Foldscope? Photos taken with Foldscope. Tomato came to India in 16th century n became integral part of Indian cuisines.

Exploring kitchen with Foldscope

Household kitchen is an amazing place to observe and do experiments. Foldscope users have been doing just that. This post lists all such observations and experiments and it’s comment section provides a space to discuss things around it.

वांगे/बैगन/Eggplant through the Foldscope

वांगे माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कशे दिसते? बैगन माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसे दीखता है? Looking at eggplant through microscope. 1st image is d outer surface, 2nd is stem n 3rd is showing thickness of outer surface. Photos taken with Foldscope

आले/अदरक/Ginger through the Foldscope

आले माइक्रोस्कोप मधून कशे दिसते? अदरक माइक्रोस्कोप में से कैसा दीखता है? How does ginger looks through microscope? 1st n 2nd image is of outer skin. 3rd is inner part. Photos taken with the Foldscope

White spots on leaves

Two posts about mysterious white spots on leaves posted by @SameerUno n @patilsaheb intrigued me so much that today morning I went out to look for such white spots on leaves. https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/?p=188199 Near a dump I found such white spots on a cucumber-ish plant.  https://t.co/eWcUaPjnvj (2/n)There were 3 hypothesis- @SameerUno thought it looks like pollens,…

Pond Sample Discovery

Recently, while in Hanmer, New Zealand, I took a water sample from the pond is Chisholm Park. After a bit of peering through my foldscope, I discovered this micoorganism that I at first thought was algae, the same as the surrounding plant matter. I then saw it move forward in a smooth, sliding fashion, leading…

Foldscope Workshop in Novi Sad, Serbia

This past summer I had a pleasure of meeting Prof. Manu Prakash and getting a tour of his wonderful lab at Stanford University. Our conversation about the importance of resourcefulness, open-source knowledge, and accessibility of scientific tools inspired me organize an outreach event in my hometown in Serbia. Brainstorming with my friends from high school…

Back to the Algae Sample: Strange Microorganism With Legs

Earlier in the month I put up a post showing some microorganisms I found in a sample I took from our horse’s water feeder that currently sprouts algae from every underwater surface, which were later identified as bdelloid rotifers by members of the community. Today I returned to the water feeder and took another sample,…


STUDENT NAMES: Keenisha, Jasmine, Pradeepthi, Suratha, Deekshitha and Jaanvi COLLEGE/SCHOOL: CMR National PU College, ITPL, Bangalore. SPECIMEN: Blue Bottle fly SPECIMEN OBSERVED AT: CMR National PU College at ITPL, Bangalore on 6th January 2020 We collected a sample of common algae growing in the gardens of our college and observed it under foldscope


STUDENT NAMES: Keenisha, Jasmine, Jaanvi, Suratha, Deekshitha and Pradeepthi COLLEGE/SCHOOL: CMR National PU College, ITPL, Bangalore. SPECIMEN: Brown Marmorated stink bug SPECIMEN OBSERVED AT: CMR National PU College at ITPL, Bangalore on 6th January 2020 We found this bug in our college campus and observed its various parts under foldscope

Identifying Dengue mosquito under a foldscope

I first felt the wrath of Dengue when my cousin sister – living in Delhi – got the same and was best ridden for almost a month. It was a striking reminder of the wrath of this viral diseases – and although it does not take as many lives as malaria – the symptoms and…

Strange Microorganisms in Algae Sample

Noticing the algae covering the sides of the water feeder for our horse, I decided to take a sample and see if I could spot any microorganisms under the foldscope. As it turned out, I was in luck!I first noticed the creature on the right because of the strange mouth-like appendage at its centre, that…

Aloe vera

T.S of Aloe Vera I was studying and suddenly I wanted to explore my newly bought foldscope. So, I made a thin section of Aloe Vera and observed these images.

The all-engulfing Sun: Experiments with the heliozoan Actinosphaerium

Actinosphaerium, also called a helizoan or sun-animalcule, belongs to the SAR- (Stramenopile-Alveolate-Rhizaria) branch of the eukaryotic tree. Recent phylogenetic analyses suggest that they are closer to haptophytes in the tree of life [To access a formal study on the matter, click here]. These “Sun-shaped” eukaryotes have stiff needle-like pseudopodia (also called axopods/axopodia) that surround their…

Narrating a live foldscope session together!

I have always enjoyed live narration in sports – such as soccer or cricket. Something about sharing our emotions at the moment as a testament of how we really feel. During Christmas, I get to hang out with my 4 and 8 year old nephews. Here is what happened in the 7 minutes we filmed…

Worlds most beautiful animal you have never seen before!

Every animal (and single cell) in its own right is beautiful because of the delicate balance between animate and in-animate matter it maintains. Life itself is a thing incredible beauty and joy. But this Christmas; I want to introduce you to “officially” the worlds most beautiful animal you might have never seen! Of course I…

Speed Identification of Food Microbes: Foldscope way forward

UMA CHAUDHRY. A one day workshop on foldscope was conducted by the Department of Biomedical Science of Acharya Narendra Dev College, in collaboration with Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences University of Delhi under the aegis of DBT, star college scheme. The main idea of the workshop was to popularize the paper microscope which offers wide…

Science OR Sports? Find what students chose!!

I was about to leave home to do another workshop in school, interestingly by chance I found those interesting triple together. So it was a great sample to take and show to students. Note* Media found below last one On 4th December we had a workshop in a new primary school for 4 & 5…

Malabar Hill Visit

Date: 23rd Nov 2018Place: Malabar Hill, MumbaiParticipants: Aziz, Siddhi, Jennifer and MayaDescription:The 4 of us enthusiastically went up to Maharashtra Nature Park (MNP) today morning, only to find it shut on occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti. The only other park that would be open would be the Malabar Hill Park in South Mumbai. So we…