Lingzhi Mushroom and Leaf

  The first black and white images, which seem more like images of the moon, are actually low-power images of the surface of a Lingzhi mushroom bud. I look forward to capturing them in higher power next time and for following the Lingzhi mushroom throughout its maturation process. The second set of green images are…

A Lousy day and permanent slides

A few months ago, a young micronaut, Aditi, had a lice infestation on her hair and before subjecting her to the lice treatment we got a couple of the critters and foldscoped them.  Without much ado here are the  collated videos. One of the things I have been wanting to do is to make some permanent…

Further adventures at lake Lagunita

With rains pouring upon us (which is a good thing for California); we decided to meet at Lake Lagunita for a quick Foldscope session. I had never seen lake Laguinta filled before (remember my past post about finding spider eggs in lake Laguinta here:  Today morning was a different story. We gathered at the…

Copepods at Lake Lagunita on a Rainy Day

Today Manu Prakash showed us where to look for interesting microbial action.  He also shared  some tips on using the foldscope.  This sample was collected from Lake Lagunita and the movie was taken by Manu. Enjoy!  

Foldscope Workshop in the Peruvian Amazon

I recently had the pleasure of teaching a Tropical Entomology course in the Peruvian Amazon over winter break (this was through an organization called Field Projects International Thanks to Manu and the Foldscope team, I was able to bring down several Foldscope units for my students. In addition to teaching them about topics ranging from ecology to…

Observing Pollen of different flowers

We at our Pratham Science Exploratory observed pollen of different flowers also found that the number of pollen vary in different flowers. Some flowers have a lot and others have a few.

Exploring Stomata- Pratham Science Program

There are variety of leaves around us. I tried exploring Stomata in leaves of different plants, one each day. This was a wonderful experience knowing and observing plants around our center.        

Queen Ant wings

  A few days back ,I saw ants near the door and an insect with wings that  i belive  the Queen ant (motionless). Then I saw that the wings were different there were colourless patches in some area . First time in my life I wilfully plucked a wing ,gave me chills though it was…

Water mite (?) and ciliate in freshwater aquarium

I have a 55 gallon aquarium that houses  one giant ‘red terror’ cichlid, 3 silver dollar fish and a catfish. I stirred up the gravel at the bottom of the tank and collected some of the muck that had settled down there.  Then I imaged a drop in my foldscope. I used a glass slide and…

Spider legs

orange mania

on my evening walk to near by market i thought of buying some carrot for my brunch then i got an idea of placing a carrot then i just took the upper layer of carrot and i just made a slide and viewed its really awesome i could find some pores and water droplets

Triplet slides 3⃣

guess this sweet thing tat add sugar to ur food garlic skin caterpillar leg9

Projecting Slides

Hello everyone, This time I’ve tried projecting some slides.this was my first attempt so 🙂 sorry if they’re not clear enough   Also, here’s my first permanent slide. I’ve used nailpolish  as a mounting medium.Its been more than two weeks and its looking great. this picture was clicked after it was ready~ please do share…

Foldscopes Saved the Outreach Event!

  I’m eagerly awaiting August when I’ll get my teacher’s kit of Foldscopes, but am so thrilled to have a few personal Foldscopes to use. This time they really saved my outreach event. My daughter’s elementary school was having a STEM night “Sponsored by the Letter U”. You know how Sesame Street has shows focused…

Red blood cells.

Red cells from peripheral human blood, stained with Wrigth stain.

My first pic by foldscope