Sundar TNSF Theni

More Pollen!

During our second week of the Summer School Students Workshop 2018 at the The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, we observed the diversity of flowers using the Foldscopes we assembled the week before. Here is a lovely bouquet of flowers we collected from around us: Lets start with our “model” flower, the Chembarathi or Hibiscus:…

Leucocytozoon ziemanni from owl in US(ID: 4)

This is a blood smear sample from owl/husk in the U.S. On the sample, it is obvious that there are enlargement and shape changes in the blood cells. This symptom is from infection of Leucocytozoon ziemanni, a parasite with owl as its intermediate host. To form the scale bar, we drew two lines with 1mm…

Snaps from first session

These were the results of my first attempt using my Foldscope and I enjoyed the time that I spent doing this. The more I viewed, the more I became interested in doing so.

growth on lemon surface

Lemon was kept outside in a plastic box and it developed fungal growth on this rind.    

Fungi with Foldscope

For long time I wanted to really see how fungi looks. So today i decided to see it with the foldscope. But I did not have lactophenol cotton blue stain to see it. So I found an alternative from the internet and tried it – Iodine and Glycerine is the alternative. Fungi was present in…

Viewing black cumin “infested with pests” using Foldscope

Black cumin is an Indian spice, which was found infested with some kind of pests. A pest was captured and viewed under Foldscope. The closer view helped us to identify the insect as “Cigerrette bettle” (Lasioderma serricorne) (Source: With the help of Foldscope, we were able to study the insect much closely and also viewed…

A fly wing

I’ve only had my Foldscope a short time and am still learning how get the best possible images. I found a fly in a spiders web at home and decided to take a closer look at its wing. I’m fascinated by the tiny hairs that cover the wing. What purpose do they serve?

Danjugan Island Ecosystems & Big Blue Network

We introduced Foldscopes to 25 kids participating in a week-long camp know as the Danjugan Island Environment Education Program.  The kids used their Foldscopes to get a different perspective of the island’s  5 different eco-systems which they also explored on hikes and by snorkelling.               Three Foldscopes with different…

Different Larvae through foldscope

Bipinneria Larva of Echinodermata Cercaria Larva of Fasciola hepatica Glochidium larva of Mollusca Miracidium larva of Fasciola hepatica Trocophore larva of Annelida

Stomata of Alocasia indica (Roxb) Schott

These are the stomata of Alocasia indica (Roxb) Schott, grown in the kitchen garden of JNV Papumpare, Arunachal Pradesh, India. It is a medicinal plant. Petiole, rhizome and leaf are edible. Leaf lamina roasted for local application on boils.

Foldscope used in IMSc Outreach Programme Summer School Students Workshop 2018

I am Sandhiya.S, studying 10th Standard in Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Mogappair, Chennai 600037. I am undergoing Summer School Students Workshop 2018 at Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.  #imscsssw2018  ( I was trained to use foldscope and with the help of it, I took the following samples. I am very excited to study the…

Exploring the sea at the dining table Episode 3

Hello Foldscopers! Do you ever look at algae and think, “That looks yummy”? Well, I do. Maybe not when they are in their raw form, but I certainly do when they arrive at my dining table. I eat all kinds of edible multicellular marine algae (seaweed) on a daily basis. Edible seaweeds play an important…

Foldscope demonstration to school children

The students of K.V Ballygunge, Kolkata attended a presentation cum demo on Foldscope. The students of class 12 biology attended the presentation and were familiarized with concept of foldscope, its usage and its advantages. They tried their  hands on the paper microscope and were excited and thrilled to view specimen from such a small instrument….

Hyaluronic Acid dried on slide

I put a drop of a Hyaluronic acid solution on the slide.  I didn’t see anything with brightfield/polarizing microscopy.  I looked at it again 2 days after it had dried, with one polarizing filter, then both and finally with polarizing filters and a “frugal” compensator (the coverslide in our Foldscope kits).

A simple way to observe ‘invisible’ structures!

By now you all must have understood about the love I have for the plant pots I have at home. And also the fact that I rarely get out… I had these things growing in one of my plant pots. Foldscoping the blue stuff (it was difficult to separate it from the mud), I got…