A Camera-shy Tardigrade!

My first tardigrade – and a surprise at that. I looked into my Foldscope, and, without panning or focusing, the first thing that I saw was a slightly blurred, but recognisable little creature! Yesterday I scraped off some lichens from two trees on my street. I think they were the same kind of lichens; they…

கொசுவின் பாகங்கள்

இன்று 100% வாக்கு அளிக்க வேண்டும் என்பதை மக்களுக்கு பிரச்சாரம் எடுத்துச் செல்லப் பட்டது. ஓய்வு நேரத்தில் மடிப்பு நுண்ணோக்கியில் என்னை கடித்த கொசுவின் பாகங்கள் இவை. பார்த்து ரசிக்க கூடியது.

Scales on a gecko tail

A gecko that was sitting above my garden door took fright when I opened the door and dropped its tail. I took advantage of this situation and saved the tail for some Foldscope explorations. It was incredible to see the variability in the pigment distribution, colour and pattern on the scales. Some areas are sparsely…

I. Understanding the earliest farmers: The “crops”

Lockdown and working from home have their own advantages (let us only talk about good things). My favorite new pastime is interacting with an 11-year-old and her everyday school lessons, sometimes even as the class is done. A few days ago, the 11-year-old lectured me on the earliest farmers in the fertile crescent, the Indian…

Mosquito larva

The end of the larvae has a siphon that stays outside the water so that the larva can breath. The other is the anal segment of the larva.

Hibiscus pollen grains

Spiked pollen grains of hibiscus plant…most of the mavaceae family has the spiked pollen grains.

Stomata and guard cells

Picter shows the stomatae and guard cells of the wandering jew plant… beautiful pigmented cells of the wandering jew plant are also can be see

Plasmadesmata and exosmosis

This is Onion cells under the foldscope!the black arrow shows plasmadesmata which are the inter-cellular cytoplasmic connection between plant cells and the blue arrow indicate the detached protoplast from the cellulose cellwall of the onion cells…

Bioluminescent microbe

This is the picture of a bioluminescent microbe while I was examing the microbes in the water sample that was collected from vellayani lake, Thiruvananthapuram, It is the first time spotting a bioluminescent microbe from this lake, It will be showing a fluorescent red color This is the picture of that microbe without exhibiting the...

Musquito Wing Side

The given picture contains the microscopic structure of mosquito wing and the picture is taken by using Foldscope.Thank you


A fresh green leaf.


Video 0 A closeup of the ant’s head.

Onion cells

I could see the onion cells distinctively. It was an amazing experience, though it was a bit difficult preparing slides😜

Kalanchoe and Marigolds

In this entry I will be comparing the pictures of two different type of flower petals as seen under a foldscope!

Fern Pinnae

Pinnae EdgeYoung Pinnae TipPinnae mid vein with side veinsPinnae mid vein with side veins Pinnae edgePinnae edge

Identification of E. coli in water samples?

Hello. I am trying to identify E. coli in water after a smear and a simple stain with crystal violet. I am using the 140X magnification lens plus 2X zoom from a mobile device, but the images obtained do not provide a clear visualization of E. coli cells. I attached two images of E. coli…

Insect Scorpion

This little insect is too small to be seen clearly with unaided eyes. It looks black in colour and it randomly bit me, it’s bite is just like a sting of a mosquito. I don’t know what it’s called hence, I name this little insect ‘Insect Scorpion’.