Pulga de agua desde Xalapa, México.

The detection of basic macromolecules

In Labwork, my team performed the experiment which detect some macromolecules such as starch (carbohydrates), sugar (carbohydrates), protein. We know that all living things consist of both organic and inorganic molecules. Organic molecules contain the elements Carbon (C) and Hydrogen (H), and more specifically, C-H bonds. Molecules lacking C-H bonds are considered to be inorganic….

Fungi on stale bread.

Fungi are legit the fun guys! unless they cause diseases. Fungi are a diverse group of eukaryotic organisms, almost omnipresent. There was bread in the house which I had forgotten existed for 3 days straight! and voila what I get to see is the assorted fungus which grew in those 3 days! That too, in…

Pollen germination

Those fascinating observations from pollen grain germination in the Brahma Kamalam drew me  irresistibly towards flowers of other plants. Recently I have been watching educational videos as now I am planning to create videos for school students using Foldscope images. In the biology videos for Classes 11 & 12 I noticed that Vinca rosea (Periwinkle)…

Amazing experience with Epiphyllum oxipetalum

Epiphyllum oxypetalum is often described as ‘Queen of the night cactus’. In India it is considered a sacred plant and called ‘Brahma Kamalam’, though there is much controversy about whether or not it is the ‘true’ Brahma Kamalam. In any case there is a lot of mystique associated with this plant. It blooms sometime between…


We are using the foldscope in our majors cell class. We’ve seen interesting stuff so far.

Growth on Thread

I found a thread in our garden, on that thread there was growth just like mushroom & so i observed under d foldscope.

Motion detection in Foldscope videos using Python and OpenCV

Last year, I was introduced to a wonderful scientific instrument called the ‘Foldscope’. I have spent hours observing things with it. One of my favorite past times is to observe ciliates using the Foldscope. Ciliates are very simple single cell organisms which are easy to find and come in numerous shapes and sizes. Most ciliates…