Graphite Flakes

Assignment from the BioE271: Frugal Science (Global Cohort) made by Diana Sandoval and Sergio Oliveros. Context As nanotechnology students, one example you will always hear is about how graphene was made/discovered. We have heard many times about the story of how with a block of graphite and scotch tape it was possible to obtain graphene…

Drawing onion cells in real-time!

I’ve been re-viewing all the permanent slides I’d made earlier, and experimenting with different viewing techniques. Recently we took out my first slide, an onion peel mount (, and tried Mr Manu’s “camera lucida” mode ( Using the simplest of materials we found on my table, we set up the Foldscope as seen in the…

Water distiller with everyday home supplies

Summer’s finally here! Which means it’s time to distill our own water, making full use of the abundant summer sun. Distilled water is used for hydrating samples like moss and lichens. Tap water is said to contain chlorine, which is harmful to microorganisms in the sample. I haven’t compared results with tap water and distilled…

Effie’s Amazing Discoveries

These are the samples that I found at my house. The first one is grape skin, which is purple in colour. Next, in the middle is fiber from a T-shirt. Lastly, at the right is a type of vegetable.

My Microcosmos Soil Sample

This is a sample of soil that is used by the foldscope. Extra: This is a sample of a fiber from a shirt. (You can distinguish the fiber sample by the long strips.)

Filtro de papel para café

La observación de hoy fue de unos pedacitos de filtro de papel para café (FPC). Aquí vimos los lados del FPC y vimos algunas líneas blancas. Aquí vimos el lado del filtro con unas manchas de café. Aquí vimos el centro del filtro con café y vimos las manchas que dejó el café filtrado. PROCEDIMIENTO:…

Coupling hack for large phone cameras and iPhone focus shaking

I always had a few problems while taking photos of observations under my Foldscope. One was that the magnetic coupler hole is way too small to fix onto any phone camera without blocking some part of the camera. Another was the black circle around an observation, and the field of view would become considerably smaller….

Is your mask really safe?

I observed six different types of face masks being used in India during the COVID-19 pandemic under my Foldscope. Depending on the size of the spaces between the fibres of the masks, I analysed the ability of each mask to protect the wearer, and those around the wearer. Blue Disposable Mask A regular, single-use disposable…

Wool (Jacob)

A sample of wool from a Jacob sheep. You can see the scaly texture on the individual strands that makes it suited for twisting into yarn.

Handmade Paper Fibres

Initially, I was going to use this post to compare a few different types of paper. But I stumbled onto this very interesting thing with handmade paper instead! Assuming the 140~ times magnification of the lens (as said in the foldscope kit) is accurate for my images, we are viewing the fibres at approximately 2…


This post documents my very first attempt at using a foldscope!

Comparative study of device screens

This is an analysis of a phone screen, a laptop screen, and a TV screen. Pixels are visible in three colours – red, blue and green – in all the screens, but the pixels of each screen differ in shape and size. There are variations in the pixel densities. Based on the pixel density, the…

Getting nerdy about tea bags!

This post can also be viewed on my website: I recently took out my foldscope from its storage bin after almost a year. But as the saying goes, it’s never too late to start exploring. I stepped out of my home into our street here in Palo Alto and took some pretty images of…

Entrega de 20 Foldscope Kits a alumnos de la secundaria “Experimental”, Xalapa MEXICO


Nos dimos cita en la escuela “Experimental” para continuar con la entrega de microacopios foldscope.

Este programa resulta un éxito para estimular la investigación científica de alumnos de primaria y secundaria. Nos llena de alegría ver la emoción con la que niñas y niños aprenden y se divierten con sus microscopios, curioseando con hojas, insectos, gotas de agua y hasta sus cabellos.

Con ciencia y tecnología #DDEXalapa #foldscope

Tutorial para mejorar la vista y enfoque en laminillas

Hola muy buenas a todos de la comunidad de Microcosmos :3 , el día de hoy vengo con esta pequeña información que quiero compartirles acerca de como obtener mejor enfoque al usar laminillas con el Foldscope , en mi anterior Post publique fotografías de un ftotis de sangre, días pasados había tratado de tomar fotografías…

Door to Door Campaigns on Personal Hygiene using Foldscope as an Aid

A campaign was conducted in the villages of Rajaborari to educate women on importance of hygiene with emphasis of cloth and menstrual hygiene. Women were explained the importance and procedure to wash clothes. They were shown slides of microbes with the help of foldscope. Microbes were collected from unwashed bedding, unclean towel, etc.  100 women…

Foldscoping on the streets of Addis Ababa

Sipping from boiling pots of coffee on cobbled meandering streets, with a coffee shop every step along – is not a description of some old block in Paris but the heart of Addis. Addis Ababa – the capital city of Ethiopia, the land that actually discovered Coffee and shared it with the world. A country…


Students of our school assembled a torch light box for foldscope easy viewing using low cost materials such as shoebox and biscuit cartons Students of our school assembled a torch light box for foldscope easy viewing using low cost materials such as shoebox and biscuit cartons