Granite pebble stone from Merced river in Yosemite

By using the magnet tapped to the camera of my phone to connect only the lens module of the foldscope, I enabled a way to image the surface of the pebbles. Interestingly, I have seen some very fragile while structure. By breaking the pebbles, we can see an incredible difference outside/inside in terms of color…

Tiny Creatures under Foldscope, that has bloomed my Mind.

While working on these algal culture what i have observed that, there were lots of algal diversity in mats and wall scrapped sample, and these different habitat include different algal diversity ranging from coccus to filamentous forms.

Fungus on Bread under foldscope

The moldy bread that Mamta got from mess by explored using foldscope. I was sure it would be Rhizopus. But it turned out to be some other mold ——- probably Aspergillus species. I could see loose sores (conidia) spread all over.

Mysteries of Dal Lake, Kashmir – Part II

After seeing the diverse flora in Part I, here I share the findings on the microbes in the water from Dal Lake. We thought we could find a dense composition of organisms if the water could be centrifuged. Sayantan, a graduate student in biology at TIFR Hyd helped me with this. We put 50 ml…

Mysteries of Dal Lake, Kashmir – Part I

It all started when my friend got a water sample from Dal Lake, Srinagar. The ecosystem of Dal is ecologically rich with 117 recorded species of hydrophytes and phytoplankton. Here are some views of this beautiful Lake: wonder what we can find inside it, under the Foldscope! In my first observation, I saw many microbes…