Contrast in pollen grain and lead particles through foldscope

Name: Reya Gafar College Name: CMR National PU College ITPL, Bangalore Description: We had the opportunity to observe and differentiate various nano particles of everyday life that we brought as samples to our college. A great variety of shapes and sizes were observed through the foldscopes that day . This particular picture is of pollen…

Observation of fat droplets in milk

Observed a commercial sample of milk at GGDSD COLLEGE, Chandigarh with varied fat content of 6%,4.5% and 1.5%.Variations in the aggregation of fat droplets was observed such that milk with highest fat content i. e 6% showed highest degree of aggregation of fat droplets followed by milk with fat content of 4.5% and least degree…

Puerto Maldonado (Peru) visit: Day 1 & 2

+ Día 1 || Day 1 (english below) + • Vine a Perú a renovar mi visa y mi corto viaje se convirtió en mucho más de lo que pude imaginar • • Hoy fue mi primer día en Puerto Maldonado y junto al equipo del Foldscope y ACEER Foundation – financiados por National Geographic…

Bacteriovorus Vorticella: Symbiotic, commensal or parasites ???

Bacteriovorus Vorticella: Symbiotic, commensal or parasites ???  Vorticella, a genus of peritrich protozoan. It is one of the very first protists seen by Antony van Leeuwenhoek who observed it through the lens of his simple microscope in the late seventeenth century. Vorticella has a bell-shaped body with a ciliated in the oral cavity at one…


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Red ant

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Pond water analysis

Black mould on Onion

Mouldy growth was seen in onion on peeling out the dry outer covering. On viewing through the foldscope the fungus was found to be black mould. Presence of sporangium on the sporangiophore/ conidiophore was clearly marked.   Though, onion is known to possess insecticidal, antibacterial and antifungal properties which are attributed to its sulphur containing compounds….


The Director, Directorate of School Education, Puducherry directed the teachers of various government schools to initiate proposals to participate in this Foldscope Science Research Project, out of which our school Artchouna Soupraya Naikar, Government. Middle School, Mudaliarpet, Puducherry got shortlisted, and Mr.D.Aravindaraja, Teacher – Principal Investigator of the same school was nominated to attend the…

Observed homemade curd under foldscope

Observed homemade curd under foldscope at GGDSD COLLEGE chandigarh. Sample from curd was kept in open (without refrigerator) for 2 days and gram stained . A mixture of cocci and bacilli was observed. Aawe

Observation of milk under foldscope

Observed milk under foldscope at GGDSD College, chandigarh. Milk sample was fermented overnight and then observed by gram staining. A mixture of cocci and few bacilli were observed. 

Moss in my garde

I located some moss plants growing in a shady corner of my garden.  On foldscoping, I could make out these were moss protonema (i.e. juvenile moss plants). On germination spores of mosses form green filamentous leafy structures that usually lak midrib. These are called Primary protonema. These then give way to slightly big leafy structures called…

A succulent houseplant- Pepromia under foldscope

There is an evergreen, succulent plant – Pepromia growing in a pot in my courtyard. I observed safranin stained transverse sections of the stem to observe its vascular bundles arranged in a ring under the foldscope. Epidermal peel of the leaf revealed irregular cells with presence of secondary metabolites and some aqueous sap filled cells….

Zooplankton in a water puddle

It was a foot-deep puddle near the boundary of our large housing complex. For months no-one gave it a second look — till its wealth of gliding, writhing animal life was revealed by our foldscopes. Only then we found out that the water in this permanent puddle came from a rusty, leaking one-inch metal pipe…

Fungal growth on sheath of corn cob

I had gone for roasted corn cob (called Bhutta  in my native language), when I landed on this foldscope adventure. Corn cobs are a delicacy in monsoons, however, before the vendor could roast it on charcoal fire, I noticed black moldy growth on the outer layer of the corn husk.   Surprisingly, another fungal disease…


Testate amoebae from non irrigated soil ( Cotton field)

Testate amoebae are tiny microscopic single-celled organisms found in soil, water, wetlands etc. The amoeba secretes the siliceous or calcareous shells themselves grow,  and that shell called a ‘test’, hence the name. Testate amoebae. Testate amoebae have one aperture, or hole, in its shell out of which it projects itself to move around and feed. The…

Spores in resurrection plant – Selaginella

In vacations I was able to collect a resurrection plant – Selaginella belonging to the group Pteridophytes from Dehradun (India). Selaginella is commonly known as ‘spike moss’ or ‘club moss’. Mostly the species prefer moist and shady places, but a few species are also found growing in xerophytic conditions on rocks and are sold under the…

Stigma of Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis is a bushy evergreen shrub or small tree grows tall and wide with glossy leaves and solitary, brilliant red flower in summer and autumn, The picture showing the stigma of the flower and its cells as seen under Foldscope from R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain