Fungi on home made pickle

Fungal attack on home made pickle at monsoon time. Spores of Mucor sp. and Aspergillus sp. are isolated from pickle. The first and last two images are taken using foldscope.

Wings of Dragonfly

Dragonfly wings possess great stability and high load-bearing capacity during flapping flight, glide, and hover. The wings of dragonflies are mainly composed of veins and membranes, a typical nanocomposite material. The veins and membranes have a complex design within the wing that give rise to whole-wing characteristics which result in dragonflies being supremely versatile, maneuverable fliers. The…

Sensitization of Foresters about seagrasses and Foldscope

Seagrasses, the underwater forests play a crucial role in sustaining the flora and fauna in coastal lagoon like Chilika. Ironically, these underwater plants are mostly neglected when it comes to conservation and management plan of wetlands. Chilika, a biodiversity hotspot of India is well known for its scenic beauty, dolphins and birds. Seagrass meadows of…

Aphis gossypii (Common Cotton Aphid)

Name of Institution: CMR National PU College at ITPL, Bangalore. Student’s Name: Anjali Manoj Specimen Observed:  Aphis gossypii (Common Cotton Aphid)                                                                  On the 24th of July, I,…

Pollen grains of Jute

Algae sample under foldscope.

Water sample was collected from garden tank in a sterile container. A loopful of sample was transferred onto a clean glass slide and was covered using a coverslip. The slide was observed under Foldscope. Poonam Singh/Srinivasa Sundara Rajan R CSIR-CECRI

Pollen Grains

Viewing of Pollen Grains Of Hibiscus under Foldscope.

Plants in IISER Tirupati

This is a famous spike inflorescence in south India. It is quite common near the campus of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research present in Tirupati. The name of the plant is Amaranthus. These are a kind of inflorescence in which the flowers are sessile meaning does not contain any peduncle. It is also…

#IndiaFoldscopePhase1- Street Food-1

Observed favourite Indian street food Panipuri Water along with my students under Foldscope and their expression is Oh My God and observed bacteria moving and many colonies like structures