Water distiller with everyday home supplies

Summer’s finally here! Which means it’s time to distill our own water, making full use of the abundant summer sun. Distilled water is used for hydrating samples like moss and lichens. Tap water is said to contain chlorine, which is harmful to microorganisms in the sample. I haven’t compared results with tap water and distilled…

Chia seeds

Dense structure of the chia seed which germinated in water for a week. One the left is the chia seed which germinated in water for a week and on the right is a picture of a dry chia seed. I use chia seeds on a regular basis for my smoothies, oatmeal and chia puddings. A…

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) is a solid – liquid form of chromatography where the stationary phase is normally a polar absorbent and the mobile phase can be a single solvent or combination of solvents. In thin layer chromatography, the stationary phase is a polar absorbent which finely ground alumina or silica particles. This absorbent is…

‘Hair’ Goes Nothing!

Intro Growing up, I always had short hair. It was barely ever longer than a classic buzz cut. I swam all the way through college, so having shorter hair was just easier since it was always getting exposed to absurd amounts of chlorine. Cue COVID, graduating college and finishing my swim career, and living with…

Iodex Pain Balm.

Uh.. mmm… Yes . I saw and found some interesting atom like designs, but couldn’t capture it properly. Try and see what you get and reply down. Thankyou.

Salt Crystals.

I saw something like in the pictures, like some sugar cubes, and actually, even small particles of salt is been viewed like a huge sugar crystal ! Thankyou.

The detection of basic macromolecules

In Labwork, my team performed the experiment which detect some macromolecules such as starch (carbohydrates), sugar (carbohydrates), protein. We know that all living things consist of both organic and inorganic molecules. Organic molecules contain the elements Carbon (C) and Hydrogen (H), and more specifically, C-H bonds. Molecules lacking C-H bonds are considered to be inorganic….

Pollen germination

Those fascinating observations from pollen grain germination in the Brahma Kamalam drew me  irresistibly towards flowers of other plants. Recently I have been watching educational videos as now I am planning to create videos for school students using Foldscope images. In the biology videos for Classes 11 & 12 I noticed that Vinca rosea (Periwinkle)…

Iridescent Scales of Common Jay Butterfly.

Biology, Nature. Where do butterflies get their striking colors? Wing of a Common Jay (Graphium doson) Papilionidae . Butterflies actually get their colors from Ordinary(pigmented) and Structural color The ordinary comes from pigments Structural color is due to Iridescence