Taking a cutting piece of aleovera we have done a research on it by taking the help of foldscope with P.I-Pankaj Jyoti Hazarika.

Foldscope for all #indiafoldscopephase1

Dr. Aruna Mohan ..SCIENCE TEACHER and Resource Persons for development of NCERT Science kits, Video Audio Guide ...learning how to use Foldscope Miss Neema Bisht JRF from ICGEB and Dr Aruna Mohan excited to see enhanced  image resolution of Foldscope after connection with smart phone Professor Dinesh Kumar, Professor RK Parashar, Professor Sunita Farakya ,...

Tardigrades at Stanford

  Quick tutorial on finding tardigrades: Collect some lichen or moss (I found lichen on the bark of a tree. Be careful not to damage the bark while scraping off the lichen, it houses many microorganisms.) Place the lichen in a petridish and cover with tap water. Leave the sample soaking over night. This allows…

Foldscope@Govt.High School Yadadore, Karnataka

We the Foldscope lovers from GHS Yadadore, Mysore District Karnataka are really lucky to have this project. Ours is the only Govt. School From Karnataka. I thank Team Foldscope for giving this oppurtunity for us. I have some photographs and video clippings of foldscope training and field level activities conducted from april 2018 to till date….

Apis Melifera

my first post, please comment…Ken brown I raise honeybees. Occasionally get stung. If you wonder what a stinger looks like Barbs keep the bee from leaving until the bee abdomen tears free. Muscles alternately move the two barbed stinger lancets further into the skin and compress the venom sack to  push venom down the canal…

Structure of human hair Structure of mosquito head region


Lol.. Mosquitos are so mean it never shows mercy to anyone especially HOSTELLERS. so we tried to study under foldscope to give a best punishment for her. How sensitive it is they finally this curios make me to study further about it. The average mosquito can drink 0.001-0.01 milliliters of blood the average adult. Human has roughly 5 liters of blood. so it…


We collected the sample of  wet organic fertilizer by the NSS volunteers of SSN College to study the micro organisms growth. #foldscope #organic #farming #fertilizer #sample #students #ssn #nature #nss


We absorbed thousands of microbs in a drop of mounted sample at the second day of organically prepared fertilizer. It makes us easy to teach how helpful the organic fertilizers to the former’s and to our nature. #thanks #MR.Manu #organic #microbs #fertilizer #former #students #curious  

Seed hairs of Tectona grandis

Photograph clicked during workshop on EXPLORATION OF MINUSCULE WORLD THROUGH FOLDSCOPE at shri shivaji science college amravati, maharashtra, India.

Movement of Rumen protozoa as seen under a foldscope

Here’s a short video on movement of Protozoa’s present in Rumen fluid, as seen under a Foldscope. Sorry for the bad video quality, tried my best juggling the camera phone, foldscope and trying to keep track of the protozoa which swims quite fast!!. As for the method of I kept a drop of the filtered…

DBT Foldscope Project,MRGCA,Mannargudi,Tamilnadu

Dear Foldscope community Members… Greetings …. “To be inspired is great,but to be an inspiration is an hounour” Bring scine to day to day life of common man, i think through the foldscope project we can make the dream as sucess.. We started the work at Department of Microbilogy Mannargudi,Tamilnadu (Dr.Panner Selvam,Principal investigator of the…

Moldy growth – In my room wall

A dampened wall due to seepage from rainwater drain pipe was noticed in my room wall and prompted by the post on ‘Air borne fungi’, I mounted the same on a slide to observe under a foldscope. I  was surprised to see fungal hyphae and some unidentified cyst- like structure. However, I could not  identify…