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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Thanks for sharing. A few comments:
    1) can you describe some context of where did this sample come from? Is this pond water at Venky college. It occurred to me; that we never took a picture of that pond – would anyone share that?

    2) on a more technical side – I see that some of your images are not in perfect focus. Please take a look at the video tutorials on this website here, specially video 4. I expect great things from all of you – and the best way for you to improve your skills is to watch the tutorial videos carefully and post your next entry; and I can try to debug where the focus issue is coming from..


    Keep exploring.


    1. snehkesari says:

      Thanks for your valuable comments.
      Yes, the sample is from pond water at Venky college during the workshop.
      I shared the pictures from beginning to the end. I was having trouble focusing the images initially but now I am able to do so. Soon will share more focused and different kind of images.

  2. Manu says:

    @Snehkesari: Looking forward to more data/images/insights from you. Please share the microcosmos of Delhi – and share your tool with people around you.

    Keep exploring

  3. snehkesari says:

    @Manu: I already have shared the microscope among my colleagues… they are all exited about using it.
    BTW When are you coming to Delhi? I am trying to contact your team but not able to…

  4. Manu Prakash says:

    @Snehkesari: The team has already left; some of them are in remote parts of North East and others are traveling/away for Christmas. Share your explorations here and we will all be able to see and answer your questions.. Can’t wait to see your next post..


  5. laksiyer says:

    @Snehkesari: That well near Venky college is a treasure trove. During the sample collection, we realized that a systematic survey of the well was in order. Starting from the walls, one could sample the well at various depths… At the very bottom, we have a pleasant surprise for the explorers who reach there first 🙂

  6. heshsham says:

    @Manu Ptrakash The workshop at Venky was extremely useful. A govt school teacher asked me about the battery (I know it is very cheap) but just to test battery life (and to prove it actually ) I have kept it ON continuously since the workshop day and it is still bright.

    BTW Tomorrow I am going to Okhla area to collect some samples.

    Heshsham , Eeay Way Science

  7. heshsham says:

    @Manu Prakash I dont have a life sciences background. In fact there several people like me. It would be great if a 30 page booklet is provided so that everyone has a basic idea of what can be seen, generally, using the fodscope and what are they actually – in very brief. Many students dont have access to internet and camera so such booklets will be highly useful for them.


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