Communicating Foldscope observations via sketches (no cellphone necessary)

I have not posted something for a little bit. I was in a contemplation mode; although regularly collecting data. Lots of thoughts, plans and boots on the ground for planning of phase2 of the Foldscope release. More news on that sometime soon; but now onto this post. 

I returned from India; and was amazed by how kids/students who had never used a microscope made fantastic observations. I truly believe everyone has a unique lens to look at this world; and Foldscope provides a means to see the world. But the Foldscope community provides a place where you can have your own voice heard – and get feedback on your thinking process. 

But I saw a lot of kids (almost all); who had no cellphones or any camera phones for that matter. I have also noticed that most people who don’t have camera phone – use Foldscope all the time but do not make posts. It’s crucial for this community to be equally accessible for everyone. So I decided to a little experiment. 

 For next couple of days; I will make all my posts just doing Foldscope based direct observations and drawing what I see and think about “live” in my sketchbook.

This is an experiment, and here is my first entry. What I observed was alive, dynamic and dancing in front of my eyes. I have tried to capture what I saw, quickly. I did not want to perfect these sketches but just act as a place holder for my thoughts. Also this allows me to share my observations with everyone. I will also make usual “cellphone” recording for same specimens and share them at a later time. This will allow me to ask people about the experience of reading a post based on a sketch or a video/photos with a cellphone. 

Needless to say – it was such a pleasure to just pick a pen, draw, pick a Foldscope – look, pick a pen – draw and back and forth. I have often made an analogy of how I think of a Foldscope; just like a pen. Today I tried to use a Foldscope as a pen. It was quiet a lot of fun. 

So, if you are reading this; and you don’t have a cellphone but you have a Foldscope. Pick up your almighty pen and share what your world looks like; through the lens of a Foldscope. 




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  1. laksiyer says:

    Wow. @Manu these are rough sketches— you must be kidding me. I have never studied those symbiotic algae, but am fascinated by how they are acquired and how long they last and if they are passed on to the next generation. A hydra culture should be easy to maintain.

    I think a notebook is a must, but drawing was also my bane, and zoology was like an art class at times. Yet a notebook is my constant companion in the collections, searches and observations. This is especially useful when observations and collections are made in large numbers and analysis done at home, sometimes many days later. I usually try to hide my notebook but on occasion you can see it.

    1. Saad Bhamla says:

      @manu – great idea and what a beautiful sketch. Really inspires my imagination.

      You’ve got so much going on that sketch:) I’m also realizing that maybe sketching forces one to actually observe deeply- because you have to reproduce it to the best degree.

      Good initiative – will try it too!


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