Foldscopes at Hamomi-Kangemi, Nairobi!

Thanks to the generosity of Manu and his team, Hamomi Children’s Centre ( in the Kangemi – Nairobi, Kenya now have their very first microscopes!

Despite losing power for over a day, we were able to capture many pictures of various specimens and it was a GREAT intro to the world of microbiology for the kids here in the Kangemi slums! I was able to hold several sessions for grades 5-8 in small groups at a time! Not having AC power didn’t matter!Making Foldscopes!

A portion of the 6th Grade class at Hamomi with Foldscopes!
A portion of the 6th Grade class at Hamomi with Foldscopes!

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Incredible to see these images. It’s always really powerful for us to see – when people like you take instruments and science to people in far corners of the world. I would love to see the children engage in the Foldscope community (maybe initially via you).

    Please share your insights; what you saw, how you trained and shared ideas and more photos – please please. We all will live the moments of your engagement via these snapshots.

    Can’t wait to see what the kids discover. Let the explorations begin.


  2. Nataraj says:

    It is powerful to see people all over the world being empowered with science. This is a great step towards new discovery.



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