Foldscope meets Stentor

Today, I and a small group of hardy Foldscopers had the privilege to host a event at Mini-Maker Faire with Prof Wallace Marshall of UCSF. If you have not see as yet – watch his incredible iBiology talk here:

Now, what’s fun with the Foldscope is to actually watch up close all these crazy things Wallace describes. And so we caught a Stentor and put them in a Foldscope. I used double sided tape as a spacer (soon Alice will be describing an incredible tricky to make reversible wet mounts – I will let her describe the wonder). 

Now, here is Wallace and I getting excited about Stentor under a Foldscope. Watch it yourself. 

Here you see the ciliary apparatus; and when surprised – it’s ball-up reaction. So much to learn from this magical animal. 

I will let everyone who came describe parts of what they did. Just wanted to quickly share the excitement 🙂 



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  1. laksiyer says:

    Stentor is the king. We should try and get a whole cycle of Stentor. @Manu. Could you calculate the viscosity of the Stentor cytoplasm based on Brownian motion of the algae? I had a whole plate of stentor growing at some point. Couldnt foldscope it then. Will try to get it again.

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