Deatailed structural analysis of Members of Phylum Arthropoda by students of Lakes International School, Bhimtal

Blood of housefly by Vinit Joshi, Lakes School, Bhimtal
Body parts of Ants by Prateek which shows hairy body and joined appendages seen so clearly with the help of foldscope
Butterfly wings look so beautiful and colourful by Rajshree, Lakes Bhimtal
Cockroach wing looks so amazing through foldscope

Eyes of housefly by Vinit which shows omitidia, units of compound eyes responsible for 360 vision in insects

Housefly leg under foldscope by Saumya, lakes Bhimtal
Mouth parts of ants by Prateek
Small size spider under foldscope by Prateek
Sucker of mosquito by Prateek
Wings of butterfly by Vinit which shows entirely different patterns than previous pics of wings of butterfly
Wings of female mosquito by Prateek

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