Moss under Foldscope

College – CMR National PU College, ITPL,Bangalore

Sample- Mosss growing on a wall at University of Agricultural Sciences, collected on 18/6/19

Sample observed at CMR National PU College on 21/6/19 by II PUC students

On our trip to the University of Agricultural Sciences, we observed moss plants growing on walls of one of the premises where grafted plants were housed for further plantation.

We collected some moss samples for observation under Foldscope. The sample was dry, but we could still observe the Gametophyte of moss with leafy protonema. This would grow further to produce a Sporophyte with distinct foot, seta and capsule which bears spores.

It was fascinating to observe the moss gametophyte and identify the secondary protonema stage of its life cycle using foldscope.

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