Ciliates in our backyards – Suctorians 

Amongst enigmatic ciliates you will discover through your Foldscope; Suctorians hold a special place. Strangely looking like stars – in the first look they don’t seem to be doing anything. They just sit; and wait. 

But in this patient wait lies a secret.. Capability to capture and eat many other ciliates by a mere touch. Although I am still to capture Suctorians feasting; but I have not given up yet. Watch ciliates “almost” get caught by these elusive Suctorians. 

More to follow up on this elusive organism. 



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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Manu. What perfect resolution. They are better than anything I have made with my compound microscope at higher mags. I have been searching for these for long with little luck. I hope you find some of them catching ciliates. I think they also have a very interesting cell division cycle.

  2. Matthew Rossi says:

    @Manu where does one find this little marvel of a creature?

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