How to image individual bacteria with a Foldscope 

Often in our day to day conversations – germs and specifically bacteria come up. I overhear a mom tell a 4 year old; wash your hands or the bacteria will make you sick. Or; don’t eat the yummy toast you dropped on the floor because the bacteria are on it now. Why doesn’t anyone just show me what these little bacteria look like. 

Now; if you have a Foldscope and you have followed the most recent posts on “focus locking” and foeld of view locking – you can image bacteria in almost any field collected sample. Here is a quick video I made on my regular Foldscope (the same one you are holding in your hand). This was done on a sample from the Elkhorn slough – a very special marine ecosystem. What’s special about these little bacteria is that they produce hydrogen sulfide and are found in top layer right under the Water. I will write an extensive post describing the beautiful biology soon; but here is a quick peak at what is to come. 

Go find a sample in which you think you might find some bacteria (like your own spit) and watch them live. 




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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Manu, I need to go back to commonly fermented foods and re-foldscope using a table lamp. Will do soon.

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