An Important Note: Janata Curfew… Why N95 Mask is very Important than the Normal Mask?

Normal two Layer Mask

N95 Four Layer Mask
Image Curtosy by BABO989

What is N95 mask and Normal Mask?

The N95 mask consists of four layers, the bottom layer is one in which exposed to the external environment. They are bonded together on the exterior. Inner layers are often treated with metal ions that interact with viral particles to trap them inside. These masks are rated to trap most particles (95%) that are larger than 300µm. This is why they are most needed by healthcare workers in pathogen filled environments.

The normal mask consists of two layers, the bottom layer is having thin layer nanofiber structures which are in the range of 300 microns.

As from the above research photographs of N95 which I have collected from the blog post of BABO989 and Normal Mask images collected by my self from the foldscope microscope.

I found that usage of the N95 mask protects the bacteria widely than the normal mask which having two-layer fiber structures. With this, I can suggest the people who are traveling outside at regular intervals should ware the N95 mask rather than the normal mask.

“Destroy the corona Virus and make India a safer Zone”

Jai Sri Ram

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