450x Magnification with HIGH-MAG LENS?

Hello Foldscopers,

I am writing to express my doubt on the foldscope magnification.

I have bought a foldscope (it has blue color) bought on amazon

https://www.amazon.in/Vitals-Foldscope-Classroom-Paper-Microscope/dp/B07R4MGBPC/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=foldscope&qid=1593341447&sr=8-3 )

And it says 140x magnification.

But when i read a article on foldscope it said foldscope has 450x Magnification. Also what is the difference between the white colored foldscope and the blue colored foldscope? I would like to buy the 450x lens can you please share a link from where i can purchase the lens?

Thanks And Regards,

Aditya Ubarhande (from India)

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Aditya,

    Commercially available Foldscope only comes with a single 140x lens. See http://www.foldscope.com for the official product website.

    The confusion might come from the fact that the academic paper in which we describe foldscope (plos one ) we demonstrate multiple high magnifications and the beta program; we shipped an older version of foldscope with 450x mag as well.

    But all current version of the foldscope are 140x!


    1. Prithvi says:

      Omg sir you are the best so noice to meet you I got to know about foldscope through one of the mark rober videos and you have made such a great invention . did you receive a Nobel prize for that?

  2. Aditya Ubarhande says:

    Hello Manu Prakash Sir,
    So is there any way by which i can zoom more than 140x (not by the camera zoom)
    like making a lens or optimising the one that is present??
    I would really appreciate a quick response

  3. CookerBird says:

    Till when did the Foldscope come with a high-magnification lens? I have two lenses in my kit, but they seem to have the same magnifications. Are the two different in any way? Are high-magnification lenses for Foldscope available to buy separately?

  4. ckurihara says:

    The two lenses provided in the kit are the same lens. Duplicate in case one is lost.

    When Foldscope became a commercial company, we only offered the one lens. Future products may come with varying lenses.


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