How to see chemical reaction under a Foldscope?

I was wondering if I could see a chemical reaction under Foldscope and see what it look like, and I found this method to see chemical reaction under a Foldscope.

How to do this?

Step1 prepare the slide

Take some baking soda and sprinkle it on a side of the slide then take some vinegar in a dropper and very close to the baking soda side make a drop💧 shape -the pointy side should be towards the baking soda- and add 2-3 drops of it. Now if you are beginner you should make a proper contraption using the ring sticker Making a 8 shape with middle open, you can vinegar on the top and baking soda on the bottom.

Step2 insert the slide in the foldscope.

Now very carefully pick the slide up and turn it up side down without spilling the vinegar and inser it in a flat foldscope with the phone pre recording and turn the up right, the vinegar will move down the glass slide and mix with the baking soda and the reaction will start.

Step3 focus

Carefully and swiftly focus the foldscope by pressing on the back or the back light.

Hopefully at this point you have successfully capured the reaction.

CR under Foldscope.

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    Oh cool very nice 👍👍

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