Impatiens balsamina

Admiring beauty of these flowers just couldn’t resist studying under foldscope!🙂


img_20160928_164142_hdr img_20160928_164519_hdr img_20160928_164540_hdr


img_20160928_164732_hdr img_20160928_165108_hdr

L.S. Leaf:

img_20160928_171154 img_20160928_171211

T.S. Stem:

img_20160928_171829 img_20160928_171847 img_20160928_171855 img_20160928_171912
























Section through bud:



















































Bud Trichome:








Seeds :








Macro picture of flower:


It was difficult searching for the pollen. But the section through bud gave great results than mature flowers. Concluded that its a monoecious , dicot plant with unique seed dispersal mechanism. The seed bearing bud-like structures burst with slightest pressure when touched. Learning about this mechanism now. 🙂 Thanks to Lakshmi sir and Mayuresh sir who helped me identify the plant and distinguish between similar structures.

Happy foldscoping! 🙂

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic @Maithili. Finally you got this out. I think you should put up the video of the seed bursting out from the pods. I know that @Manu will be pleased to see this as he showed me something similar some months back. Also, please put a picture of the flower too so that I can put it up in the pollen database.

    Here is one more thing you can do.
    Re-edit your post. Click on one of your pictures, a menu pops up and click on the pencil icon (Edit), In Display Setting of the new menu that pops up, on “Link to” choose “Media file”. That will make your pictures clickable and zoomable. Once you do this for all pictures of a post, I think it remains so for all future posts. Keep exploring. Can wait to see more.

  2. Maithili says:

    Macro picture uploaded sir! Thanks for helping while distinguishing the flower parts.

  3. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic, will upload them into the pollen database. Dont forget to also put up the exploding pods you showed us.

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