Foldscoping from a boat – hello from NZ

I just started a collaboration with Plankton Planet; bringing microscopy on sail boats around the world. An incredible world of plankton – in every drop of the ocean. I will write more about this new work soon; but here is a few snapshots of what it felt like. 

To get access to the plankton, you take a Plankton net at 2-3 knot speed and pull the net behind the boat for 15min. This is a quick little trick to get millions of plankton which can be imaged for a long time. 

And here is a quick look at the incredible plankton we caught in our nets. 

I will be writing individual posts on all the specific diatoms, copepods, dinoflagellate.. that were in our nets – but wanted to share this quickly with foldscope community. As you ID anything you see here; please post a comment below. 



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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Manu What a fantastic catch. Some diatoms, crustaceans, green alga and possibly phaeophytes. Cant wait to see more details. There are some great hot springs in NZ (school text book recollection), would be interesting to collect samples there.

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