Karuvaipillai Pollen

Karuvaipillai (Murraya koenigii) is flowering now!

Here is some pollen from the flowers:

Here is the same pollen after a couple of hours in glycerol:

(The black lines in the background are the 1mm grid — would be good to have a more detailed grid to allow for generating a scale bar….)


I tried to calibrate these images of pollen:

It seems like M. koenigii pollen are pretty uniform: 32-36 microns in length. Using this, not only can I get more pollen lengths, but also, from the third image, where I can see the colpi of one pollen grain, I can estimate the inner and outer diameters of the pollen to be 7 microns and 11 microns respectively. (For a more detailed discussion see this post about measurement.)

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Varuni,
    Fantastic post.

    The line width is specific (I think 75um buttiu should check yourself); sibyou cab use the line width as a way to generate scale bars 😉


  2. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic. Each line on the scale is 100 microns thick, which can be used for calibration. https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/?p=23496
    Here is a small suggestion. Re-edit your post. Click on one of your pictures, a menu pops up and click on the pencil icon (Edit), In Display Setting of the new menu that pops up, on “Link to” choose “Media file”. That will make your pictures clickable and zoomable. Once you do this for all pictures of a post, I think it remains so for all future posts. Can wait to see more.

    1. varuni says:

      Thanks for the info on scale lines! Good to know 🙂

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