Parts of a Portulaca oleracea flower

Hi, I am Udit Sancheti, a summer visiting student at TIFR Hyderabad’s Science Education and Outreach Program.  Here is the microcosmos link.

In my explorations with the foldscope, I made many observations with fairly random objects such as my skin tissue, jeans fabric, sand grains, among others. Some of them were really good. However, the most fascinating observation that I made was that of a flower.

The flower was from the plant Portulaca Oleracea or Common Purslane (‘ganga payala’ in Telugu) growing in the campus garden.

The setup
The Purslane plant
The flower
The slide that I observed

Observations under Foldscope

The flower petal

These images are of three different regions of one petal. The last one had some pollens grains stuck to it.

A region near the edge of the petal
A region slightly away from the edge of the petal
A region of the petal with some pollen grains stuck to it
The Stigma

The stigma had five lobes. These are pictures of some of the lobes, with pollen grains stuck to them.

An edge of a lobe with pollen grains stuck to it
Hair-like structures present in every lobe of stigma
The hair-like structures help the pollen grains to stick to the lobes
A zoomed-in view showing the hair-like structure
A zoomed-in view of a lobe with pollen grains stuck to the hair-like structure
The Stamen
The anther of the flower
Pollen grains
A zoomed-in view of the pollen grains

The actual pictures are hyperlinked with all the pictures used in this post for a better view.

Cheers, Udit.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Gorgeous images Udit. You have a wonderful eye. Interesting that the pollen have an orange color . Perhaps you should also try and get a size estimate of the pollen.

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