Viewing and Measuring size of Pollen using Foldscope

In this post, we share our observations on pollen diversity among plants. The sample preparation was kept simple, where pollen were collected directly from flower using a cellophane tape and, the tape was then pasted on the glass slide for observation in foldscope. Photographs were captured at 1x and 4x zoom using the mobile camera.

For the measurement of pollen size, photographs of micrometer slide (1 division= 0.01 mm) were captured at 1x and 4x zoom levels. The scale was set up in ImageJ software and the size of the pollen was measured using the captured images.

Viewing and Measuring Pollen Size using Foldscope

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  1. varuni says:

    This is really nice info! Will post more of the pollen I’ve been looking at. 🙂

  2. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic absolutely great. One thing that struck me in my pollen explorations was that whereas members within a family of plants show great variation in pollen shape and size, the compositans are extraordinarily uniform in shape. Why is that? Are there other such lineages of plants.

  3. JDua says:

    Good job. Quite sharp images. Did you try a stain ? May be that could have highlighted many other morphological features —- like no. and location of germpores and ornamentations of exine.

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